Character- Replikate

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: Battle of the Sexes

Other picture: Replikate full body
Replikate and her Clones

Name: Katie Kelly
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Hair: Brown
Age: 17

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Katie Kelly was born with the ability to create clones of herself and she learned of that ability at a young age.

She never knew why, but other kids always reacted negatively towards her and tended to ignore her. She tried making friends but what little friendships she developped quickly ended, and as she got older, she began to understand the reason. Children are said to be more in tune to the mystical or the magical, and perhaps, they could feel that something was different with her. And so, left to herself, Katie did what many children have done; she created an imaginary friend.

Her friend was so real she could actually touch her. She had the same name and even looked like her. It was like she had a twin sister. She often wanted to let her parents know, but she knew they would not understand. So, to protect her secret, she surrounded herself with dolls and teddies and when her parents asked her who she was talking to, she would point to her dolls.

Katie and her friend had fun playing together but every time Katie would bring her friend back, her friend never remembered the last time they had played. It was as if every time her friend came to visit, it was a new friend. She was the same friend, but also she was different.

Sometimes her friend had a bad attitude or would be quite mean, so Katie would make them disappear and bring back a new one. Over time, Katie learned that she could bring forth more than one friend and they often had parties in her tree house, away from prying eyes. 

It was when she reached puberty that things got stranger. As she had done all her childhood, she decided to celebrate her birthday with her "friends", but when she summoned the first one, she almost panicked. Her friend looked like her but this one was covered in scales and she had a long tongue which she incessantly used to grab candies from a bowl. The two chatted for a time but, uneasy with this unexpected friend, she sent her back.

The next friend she called forth was also different. This one looked normal, except for her flaming hair. She almost set fire to the tree house before Katie took her back. 

Katie had become used to the idea that she was special, but her gift had become dangerous so she decided to refrain from using it.

High school became easier for her and she started making real friends, but it was sometimes hard to keep the fact that she was...a mutant, for lack of a better word. She had this deep secret that she wanted to let out, but people would not understand. Rather than losing what few real friends she had, she kept her life low key.

But then came the fire in the Eastwater Mall. People were trampled in the panic and without help, many would have died. So Katie called up her "friends" and with their help, got many people to safety. Some of her friends flew, some teleported, some danced about like acrobats, but all got the job done.

Realizing that her abilities could be used in a positive way, she decided that she would not hide what she was anymore. She would continue to do some good and like many super powered individuals, she made herself a costume in case she needed to act again.

During the "Battle of the Sexes" she was called in by Mach-6 to assist the Paragons take down Lovespell and her army of mind-controlled heroes and villains. It was a hard battle and Katie suffered her first tragedy. While trying to subdue an out of control Gavin Reynolds,  several of Katie's clones were killed.

Still reeling from the shock and uncertain of how prepared she is for the future, she gladly accepted the offer to join the Paragons. With their assistance, she hopes to learn to avoid going through that pain again.

As had she, Katie's clones have also grown over time. They no longer forget what their former lives have done and the tragedy of that day will be remembered by all, so Katie is uncertain as to how her clones will react to this turn of event.


Replication: Able to create multiple clones of herself, though most look quite different from their host body. 

Power endowment: Although the act is unconscious, Replikate bestows unique abilities to each of her clones. These abilities seem to play a part in altering the demeanour of her clones and although all clones do come from her, most are nothing like her.

The powers each receives is random and Replikate has no idea what her next clone will be like. 

Since her clones can receive a vast array of abilities ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary, it is highly probable that Replikate is linked to or can tap into one of the forces of creation itself.

Weaknesses:  Clones are random and she has no idea if they will be useful or if they will even help. Also, in order to reincorporate her clones, she must touch them and some can be a bit stubborn.

She is also inexperienced and naive, and is easily tricked due to her young age and outlook.