Character- Rigor Morta 
Rigor Morta

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Countess Olivia Draculesti
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Age: 500+

Born in:  Romania

Ethical alliance: Evil


Countess Olivia was born sometime around the 15th century. She is a descendant of Vlad Dracul, also known as the Impaler, and for years, her family waged war with another noble family, the Danesti.

When, Dan, the youngest of the Danesti, had spread lies about Vlad working for the Ottomans and betraying the King of Hungary, Vlad finally faced him at the battle of Rucar, defeated his army, and made him dig his own grave, burying him alive.

It was during the funeral rights reading, that Dan put a curse on the Draculesti. He proclaimed that they always remain the blood suckers of the night, and that they burn in hell, and after that night strange, every child born to the Draculesti family was born with elongated fangs and had trouble with sunlight. They would reject the breast milk, only to bite down on the breast until they drew blood. That alone seemed to drench their hunger, so, slaves were brought in to act as "milk maids".

Olivia was born as one of these first children, and although they are called vampires by regular folks, they are different from the true vampires. They do share some characteristics, but they are alive, not dead.

Olivia lived for centuries, until people discovered how to defeat these beasts and their numbers began to dwindle, as thousands were finally brought down, including Olivia. But as the curse had claimed, their death would not stop their torment. They all wound up in Hell

It was years later, that Gorgo, a young son of the Devil, noticed the beautiful vampire. As the new leader of the elite group called the Heretics, he decided to take Olivia as his wife.

Now that she has been reborn, she does not have the weaknesses that other vampires have.


Super strength:  She can lift around 2 tons.

Extended lifespan: She has lived over 5 centuries.

Flight: She has bat-like wings that give her the ability to fly.

Illusion: She can make herself appear to shape-shift to those she has charmed, but those not under her charm can see her real self.