Character- Ro-Bowtix

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

Art by: VenneccaBlind

Real Name: Malcolm Floyd
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 35

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Malcolm was a brilliant MIT graduate and a former Olympic gold medal winner in archery. His first love, however, was robotics and this is where his career ultimately led him. Despite his demanding job, Malcolm never lost his pleasure for archery, and during his vacations he usually went hunting. Out with his bow and arrows, he hunted anything from small game to the more challenging one, but the day he went bear hunting, things took a turn for the worst.

As he tracked a bear through some heavy shrubs, he came face to face with the huge Grizzly. He had been tracking the beast for days in the hopes of putting it out of its misery after hunters had reported wounding one. They said they had tried to kill it, instead, they had managed to wound it even more before, but it had escaped. Malcolm thought he had been careful, but the bear must have lain in wait while recuperating from its injuries.

Before he could raise his bow, the bear charged furiously. Its razor sharp claws came down and ripped off Malcolm's right arm. It then stood on its back legs, towering a good three meters and roared in defiance.

Whether it was from the sight of his ultimate death before him or because of his injury, Malcolm collapsed to the ground. Bleeding and in pain, he played dead in the hopes the bear would leave him to his fate.

Malcolm could feel the bear sniff him and when a huge paw tossed him aside like a ragged doll, he stayed silent. The bear growled a last warning and perhaps, realizing Malcolm had not been the one who had wounded him, the bear left, but not before taking a trophy. In its mouth, Malcolm's arm dangled as the bear waded away.

After what seemed like forever, Malcolm dared to get up. With the amount of blood he was losing, he knew that he wouldn't last for long in the wilderness. Wolves were known to roam about. He used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and cleaned off most of the blood as he passed a river. He managed to hiked out with no incident.

Upon his return home, he immediately started working on making a new robotic arm to replace his missing one. To have better control of his arm, he constructed a reinforced spine which he attached to his own and made artificial nerves which he connected from his spine to his new arm. This reinforced spine allowed him to lift his heavy arm, but also his bow. He had no intention of giving up on either of his interests.

His brush with death had changed his perspective on life, and he decided that he wanted more out of it than to sit in a lab all day and so, he quit his government job. He built his own lab and as he continued his work in robotics, he improved his bows and accessories. Taking the name Ro-Bowtix, he began fighting crime on his own until he was approached by the Guardians of Creation about joining them, which he did.


Accuracy: As an Olympian gold medalist, Ro-Bowtics is an expert marksman.

Enhanced intelligence: Malcolm possesses a genius intellect and is known to be one of the best minds in robotics.

Power accessory:
 Ro-Bowtics uses a highly tensile bow which only he can string and use. This gives his arrows extremely powerful velocities, and they can travel to a target as far as 1000 meters.

Cybernetics: Ro-Bowtix is permanently bonded to his robotic arm.

Super strength:  His robotic arm enables him to lift 1 ton.

Paraphernalia: Aside from as his bow, he also uses various gadgets, such as specialized arrows, and he also commands 4 robots equipped with lasers and missiles.