Character-Santa Clawz 
Santa clawz

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Kris Krengel
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Age: 56

Born in: Germany

Ethical alliance: Evil


Kris grew up normal in every sense of the word. He did odd jobs to get by, and after gaining weight and going grey early, he took on the job of Santa Claus at the local  department store. 

At first, he was glad to bring smiles to many young faces, but after years of doing this for extra money, those smiling young faces were replaced more and more by entitled rich kids and their parents.

These looked down on him and did not respect the person he was representing. To them, he was just another prop to be used for their benefits. Spoiled kids and their parents would climb on him, taking selfies and posting them online with disparaging comments. Others would place their bratty, misbehaved kids in his lap and would get upset when he couldn't keep them still for their picture. While others would just smile when their cherished treasures tossed him rude remarks and even insults.

Having had enough, he decided he was going to get even. He hatched a plan to rob these rich, miserable people.

Getting their address was easy, they had given it to him. Many had even requested he delivered the pictures in person. Well, they would get their wish. Santa would definitely pay them a visit.

As he walked their neighbourhood dressed in his Santa suit, no one thought any different. It was the season, after all. And even if some did see him get in through a window, sneak in a yard, they thought he had probably been hired to play a role.

After he had broken into their homes, Kris took their valuables, filled his bag and simply walked by to his car, without a batting of an eye, but one night, however, things went sour.

He hadn't expected someone to be home, but when the homeowner came at him with a gun, Kris panicked, took out his knife and killed the whole family.

The experience changed him. The panic he had felt the day before was now turned into excitement. Killing all these people after the way they had treated him had felt like divine justice. Why should he rob empty homes when the prospect of killing those who had offended him was more rewarding? So his killing spree continued.

He was soon approached by a monstrous beast called Krampus, who offered him the opportunity to join his Holiday Horde. With the promised of power and the opportunity to kill as much as he wanted, Kris saw no reason to refuse.


Enhanced vitals: Kris has been rejuvenated internally. He still looks like Santa, but his strength, reflexes and stamina are those of a very fit man in his early twenties.

Paraphernalia:  Krampus gave him a special set of claws made from a unique metal that never dulls or breaks.