Character- Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Shadow Fox full body

Real Name: Maximilian Smith
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 7 inches (1.75 m)
Age: 30
Country of Origin: England

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Women


When his mother was killed, Shadow Fox discovered the truth about his father. The man he had grown to repect had done the heinous deed. He then realised that his father was man of evil and sick with power.

Shadow Fox decided that it was now time to put his gifts to good use but he would not do like his sister, Sting. She had followed his father's path and had become ruthless. Shadow Fox would not. He settled to do the complete opposite. He would be the one who would prevent any evil plan to take root. He would be the protector of his city.

Without the fortune of his family, he had to rely on his abilities to survive. but in a short time, he made a name for himself. He even managed to learn the secret identities of most of the superheroes in his city but that information, he made sure to keep to himself. As a matter of fact, all of his knowledge is kept where no one can get at it, inside his head. Having seen the ease with which his sister can hack systems, he decided that his head was the safest place to keep his secrets.


Enhanced Memory: He is able to remember anything that he has lived, seen, heard, tasted, touched and even smelled. His mind is full of information which he can access quickly. He is also able to get into his subconscious with a little concentration.

Enhanced intelligence:  His mind can multi-task and can focus on much more than one thing at a time. While he is talking, he may be analyzing the environment, listening to more than one conversation, or having other mondaine thoughts, all this, without distraction from any of his other activities.

He is also an expert strategist and can determine what information is needed to formulate the best course of action. He can find patterns in the behavior of people and even machine . There are no riddles he cannot solve. 

Photographic reflexes: His main style is street fighting, but thanks to his memory is able to recreate any movement he has seen, and during combats, he learns to overcome his enemy with their own movements. 

Enhanced reflexes: Thanks to the muscle memory, he can speed up his body to react to any threat to the point that is able to anticipate enemy movements. He can also avoid the impact of a bullet shot from a distance, but at close range he may deflect the shot or, at the very least, prevent it from hitting vital points. 

Mimic: Combining his memory with his muscle memory, he is able to imitate what he see in great detail and can perfectly mimic almost anyone.

Truth saying: He is an expert interrogator. He has achieved the ability to read a person's body language to perfection, and he is able to get the truth without the need for words.

Gliding: With his cape, he is capable of "falling with style" without damage, or even travel short distances by air. 

Wall crawling: He wears adhering boots and gloves, which, when activated, allow him to stick to any surface and lets him easily climb buildings. 

Martial arts: Although he has learned many techniques from many different martial arts, it is unclear if he has mastered any of the arts.

Weaknesses: He is a normal human and possesses no special defenses.

Paraphernalia: His favorite weapon is a billy club that splits in two. He can paralyze his enemies by hitting them in the right spot or through an electrical discharge that the club can generate.