Character- Sting

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Sting full body
                       Sting alternate picture

Real Name: Sarah Smith
Red and black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 5 inches (1.66 m)

Age: 22
Country of Origin: Great Britain

Ethical alliance: Evil

Sexual preference: Men/women


Sting is a mad  super genius who got bored and became intrigued about the lives of villains and heroes. She decided that with nothing better to do, she too would become one. But would she be a hero or a villain?

She reasoned that heroes had a greater chance of dying while villains usually ended up in prison, a better alternative. Since she didn't want to end her fun too soon, she opted to become a villain.

She set up her lair, as all villains do, and began to work on various gadgets, but her main focus turned to anti-gravity and tractor beams. She eventually built an anti-gravity manipulator which could double as a tractor beam. She was pleased with herself but found the device too large for what she intended to do with it.

She decided to delve into the realm of nano technology and learned that the heroine, Cyber Queen, had already mastered it. Rather than doing the work herself, Sting hacked into Cyber Queen's base of operations and stole the technology. 

She rebuild her anti-gravity manipulator to nano specifications and incorporated it in a weapon she calls her Stinger.

Sting has an unstable mind. Normally she has a child's personality combined with a twisted sense of right and wrong. Her brother, Shadow Fox, is on the other side of the fence since he is a hero. 


Sting possesses no super powers and relies on her intelligence and her weapons.

Enhanced intelligence: Possesses a IQ beyond the 200 range making her a super genius.

Power accessory: Her Stinger incorporates various devices constructed from nano technology. The Stinger is equiped with an anti-gravity manipulator which can be tuned to emit a tractor beam or a magnetic ray. 

Power lift: Sting can simulate super strength by influencing the gravity surrounding objects. 

Energy blasts: Her Stinger can release blasts of electricity.

Repel/Draw: Alternating between her magnetic ray and tractor beam allows her to propel herself from building to building and even stick to walls.

Other skills include an extensive knowledge of programming languages and network domains. There are very few systems that can defend against being invaded by her.

She is also a master manipulator and can easily read a person's behaviour and can convince them to do whatever she wants.


Her main weapon, the Stinger, is attached to her left arm has various functions

Triple Knives: The three prongs that make up the Stinger are very sharp and made of a highly resistant material.

Stun Gun: Energy can be sent through it which can be used to stun her enemies for a period of time.

Magnetic Ray: The prongs can be polarised to magnetically charge objects giving them a force of attraction or repulsion.

Tractor Beam: With an adjustment to the charge, she can use the force to attract objects or individuals to her.

Anti-Gravity Manipulator: She can use the energy to disrupt the gravitational field around any object she chooses, which is most useful for handling heavy objects.

Electric Ray: She can use the prongs to shoot a electric blasts of variable voltage.

Mini-Computer: Her right arm carries a holographic mini-computer that can display the structure of systems she has invaded.

Visor: Her augmented reality glasses have various different sensors that are connected to her computer to constantly feed it information.

Shadow boots and gloves: They allow her to cling to walls, allowing her free use of her claw in battle. The boots also absorb kinetic energy, enabling her to fall from great heigths. She even made a pair of boots for her brother Shadow Fox. 

Weaknesses: Her body is that of a normal person, and as such, has no special resistances.

Her mind and personality are totally unpredictable. This mental instability can work in favor of those she faces as much as that of her own. No-one ever knows what she is really thinking, and often, her actions do not make sense.