Character- Shadow Hero
Shadow Hero

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:  

Real Name: Andalee Shamoon
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height:  5 foot 9 inches
Age: 30

Country of Origin: Kuwait

Ethical alliance: Good


Andalee worked for the Baltic Oil Corp on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center and on sept 11 2001, her life, like many others, was changed forever.

After the tower she was working in was struck by a terrorist plane, there was panic and there was smoke and debris everywhere. She was scared for her life. They had been cut off from the stairs for what seemed like a eternity and as she waited to be found, she crouched down under her desk and started praying. As she did, she pictured the place where she had felt the safest.

She could feel the heat and knew the fire was getting closer. But then, something worse happened. The tower shifted and started crumbling in a thundering roar.

One of her friends was under the desk next to her. She held her in her arms as the tower collapsed on them.

The darkness took them and the sounds of death became still.

Andalee opened her eyes. She was surrounded by darkness and the smell of fire and ash was gone. Her friend opened her eyes and started to panic thinking they were dead but, somehow, Andalee knew they were still alive.

She got up, held her friend and began to walk towards what felt was a familiar place. Then the darkness disappeared and the light returned. But the sight that greeted her was one she hadn't anticipated. She was back at her grade school. But that was impossible, that school was in Kuwait, her home country.

When she tried to return home to the US, the authorities thought she had somehow been involved with the terrorist act. The computer records showed that she had been in the tower the day tragedy had struck but now, here she was.

They took her into custody and interrogated her. Andalee told them what she knew but her story seemed too fantastic to be true so they brought in a hypnotist to get the truth out of her and after a few intense sessions, they came to the conclusion that she had been telling the truth.

Her subconscious mind had revealed that deep down, Andalee had always known she could travel through the shadows. As a child, life at home was not always pleasant. Her father always talked about the war and how it would very likely return and Andalee would often go to bed scared. And on many occasions, she had found herself back at her school, the only place where she could forget about the war and spent time with her friends.

She, as well as her parents, had always thought she had sleepwalked there. Now she had confirmation of the truth of it.

Unsure whether they could trust her and not wanting her out of their sight the government convinced her to join the All-Winners Society to learn how to use her powers. 


Teleportation: Shadow Hero is a mutant with the power to travel through shadows. She can only travel through natural shadows and not via those she creates as constructs.

Power lift:  With her shadow constructs she can lift a total of 1 ton.

Constructs: She can create her own shadow constructs and direct them to assist her. These constructs have a solid form.

Healing factor:  If she is hurt, traveling through a shadow heals the injuries she has suffered. When she enters the shadow void her body becomes one with the darkness and when she reappears it makes her body whole again. 

Invisibility: By blending with the surrounding shadows she becomes virtually invisible.

Weaknesses: The more light there is around, the harder it is for her to create shadows or control them.

Limitations: She can only take 1 person through the void with her. The more massive the objects she transports, the harder it is for her.

She is able to travel anywhere in the world but must have an idea of where she is going before she teleports there.