Character- Shipwreck

Created by: Eric A. Gaizat

Other pictures:

Art by Joe de Santos

First appearance: 
All Winners Society #4

Real Name: Drakos
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'3"
Age: 364

Nationality: Greek

Ethical alliance: Evil


Drakos was the Captain of the Exodus when his ship found itself caught in a battle between the English Navy and Jolly Roger's pirate ship. Drakos tried to steer clear of the battle, as he didn't want any trouble from either side.

He could see that Jolly Roger had no interest in him or his crew but the English Captain on the other hand called out for Drakos to help him with his battle against Jolly Roger. Drakos refused. He owed no loyalty to them, and he was a free ship from Greece.

Enraged, the Captain of the English ship turned his cannons on the Exodus and fired a full volley, destroying it and killing everyone on board. For 3 years, Drakos was frozen in some sort of abyss unable to move but somehow, his brain remained active. He thought about what had happened to him every day and his rage grew within him.

Then one day, he was pulled from the abyss. Two figures stood before him. The man he recognized as Jolly Roger but the woman he didn't know.

Jolly addressed him by his name, although the two had never met. Drakos listened as Jolly told him he had been impressed by his actions to refuse siding with the military. Even more so, that he and his crew had perished by refusing that order. Jolly Roger asked him if he wanted revenge.

Drakos wanted to see the whole English Navy pay.

With that, Jolly introduced the woman next to him as the sea goddess Keto. Jolly told him that if he followed their every instruction, Keto would give him the power to enact the revenge he so desperately wanted. Drakos agreed.

Drakos was neither dead nor was he quite alive. Tied to his new life were the souls of his crew. They would continue to serve him, and he would continue to protect them because as he was their source of continued existence, so were they his. Anytime he would be dealt a fatal blow one of his crew's soul would be lost. And when the last soul is used, Drakos existence would end.

Keto gave him the power to control the weather. He could create storms that would make any ship fear him. The English Navy would pay for their actions.

Taking on the name Shipwreck, he wreaked havoc on the open seas in the name of Jolly and Keto. 


Aerokinesis/Weather control: Shipwreck can control the winds to create storms, squalls or tsunamis.

Flight: He can call on the wind to carry him and can fly.

Extended lifespan: Like a cat who is said to have 9 lives Drakos lives count is 28, the number of crewmen onboard the Exodus. However, every time he is "slain" or his ship is sunk, one of his crewmen's soul is lost. Drakos is then revived. When all souls are gone, so will Drakos. 

Super strength: Shipwreck can lift around 2000 lbs.

Weaknesses: He only has 28 lives to work with and must be careful and not take chances that could put his existence in jeopardy.

Paraphernalia: He wears a metal leg.