Character- Silver Ghost
Silver Ghost

Created by: Rodney Lockett

Other Pictures: 

First comic book appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 

Real Name: John Glass
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 33

Born in: England

Ethical alliance: Good


After getting his university degree, John decided to celebrate by doing something fun. He went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an amusement park, and spent the day there. He had heard that the park had a particular ride and he had been intrigued by it, so he decided to try it out.

The ride in question had opened up as a fun house, but from many accounts, it had not been so much fun. Many people had exited the ride scared as hell, and many had reported unsettling incidents. Then, someone actually died in the ride.

The police investigated the incidents, but the death was ruled as an accident and the ride was allowed to reopen a few weeks later. The media had reported that people believed the ride was haunted, so the park decide to build up on that rumor and renamed it, the Ghost Train.

People had continued to report bizzare happening and now, John wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

He rode the ride, but unfazed by what he saw, he became defiant, daring the spooks and ghouls to show themselves, but none dared to. He rode the ride multiple times, always taunting the spooks and calling them names, still, none seemed to have heard him. He eventually left disappointed that nothing had showed up, or so he thought.

John headed to his hotel room, but unknown to him, he had not gone there alone. A ghoul, not happy by his taunts, had decided to follow him and teach the impudent man a lesson.  

John was asleep when things about his room started moving around and making a racket. He woke up and there before him, a ghostly form stood. Rather than being scared, John laughed, angering the ghost even more. Then he saw that the ghost was not alone. Another was with him, and this one looked evil. In fact, he was one of the most evil and oldest of spirits and he did not find John's laughter funny at all.

The evil conjured up an ancient spell and John was pulled into the spirit world. John stopped laughing. Instead, he fought to regain control of his life as he could feel it slip away.

Feeling the helplessness, he grabbed the cross he had around his neck and called out to God, begging him to save him. He promised to take life more seriously and to make amends by helping others. Then, it was over. He was back in his hotel room and the ghosts were gone. But he didn't feel right. 

He went to the mirror and saw that the nightmare had not left him. In fact, he had become that nightmare. He was transparent and his body went through objects as he walked to them. Had God really saved him, or had he played a cruel joke on him? Had he become what he had laughed at? Had he become a ghost?

He concentrated and managed to pick an item. He smiled, feeling he had proven that he was not a ghost, until he remembered that ghosts did what he had just done. It was called poltergeist. No, he reasoned. I am not a ghost. I can feel my heart pumping and...I am scared. If I were a ghost, it would mean that I am dead and I wouldn't feel anything.

He further concentrated and eventually regained full solid form. Pleased with himself, he began to relax. He took a deep breath. He was alive and life felt wonderful.

Exhausted by the effort, he sat on the couch but fell right through it. He was a ghost once more. Why? He focussed his concentration some more and returned to solid form.

So that was the ways things were going to be. God may have saved him but he was going to make sure John would live up to his bargain. That was fine with John. He had made a promise. He may be ghost like but he was still alive, and that was what was important.

John hid his condition from the rest of the world but when the war broke out, he knew it was time for him to help. He revealed himself to the Allies' military and was soon joined by others like him, the All-Winners Society.


Psychic strength: Silver Ghost possesses a high degree of phychic strength which enables him to grab physical objects while immaterial. It also allows him to physically interact with people and fight them while he himself remains untouchable.

Ghost can become intangible and can walk through walls.  

Invisibility: He can become translucent to the point of becoming virtually invisible.

Physical/energy resistance: In intangible form, Silver Ghost can avoid most damages, though not in tangible form.

Floating: His ghostly form enables him to float and in conjunction with his phychic strength, he can guide his body as though he was flying. His floating is not subject to wind or gravity.

Weaknesses: His ghostly form is predominant and he must concentrate if he wishes to become solid. That being said, if he is distracted while in tangible form, he reverts to the intangible and may drop whatever he may be carrying at the time.

This is also an inconvenience when he needs to blend into society. A lapse in concentration will reveal his secret.

Paraphernalia: Silver Ghost carries a gun which also has the ability to turn intangible. While intangible, this gun can be used against ghostly entities.

Curiosities: Silver Ghost cannot have anything he carries turn intangible other than the gun and the clothes he was wearing at the time he was pulled into the ghost realm.