Character- Sintilla 

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Other appearances:

Heroineburgh episodes 14, 16, 17, 19, 21

Live action Sintilla:

Real Name: Cynthia Mantilla
Hair: Red as Sintilla, brown as a civilian
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Age: 39

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Cynthia worked as an accountant for a financial company. The job paid the bills, but it did little to make her life fulfilling. Still, it was a means to an end, but outside of work, she had a secret passion. She loved reading about the adventures of comic book heroines, and harbored a fervent wish to become a sexy super villainess, committing criminal capers for the sheer thrill of it.

The day after the Pittsburgh meteor exploded above the city, Cynthia was making her way home from work. She stumbled upon a glowing piece of rock and took it home out of curiosity. She was certain that it was a fragment of the meteor, and wondered if she could make some money selling it. In the meantime, Cynthia placed it by her bed.

Overnight, the radiation from the meteorite seeped into her and altered her basic genetic structure. When she awoke, she discovered that she could see moments into the future, and she could emit a blinding burst of bright light.

The radiation must have connected with Cynthia's subconscious because it gave her the means to fulfill her passion. She discovered that she could summon a black latex catsuit tightly covering her body. Along with the suit came a beautiful head of bright red hair, a black mask, pink gloves and boots. She had become the woman of her dreams.

The catsuit sported a fancy "S" on her chest. "Very appropriate", she told herself. In her desire to lead a life of sin and excitement, she dubbed herself "Sintilla", and due to her penchant for kinky fetish, she chose two hard rubber paddles as her combat weapon of choice.

Sintilla did not waste time getting into action. With the use of her precognitive powers, she robbed a bank, while always staying one step ahead of the guards, predicting their actions and knocking them senseless with her paddles.

She fled from the police, and sought refuge in a nightclub, but was tracked down by the heroines Fianna and Arctica. They almost defeated her with a two-pronged attack, but she blinded them and escaped.

Sintilla's goal has been to enrich herself through thievery. In pursuit of loot, she has allied herself with her niece and sidekick Peccadilla and the super strong henchwoman Dyna.

Sintilla also joined the evil Black Faction group when it was taken over by Dark Spectra, both for protection and for a share of the spoils. But ultimately, she prefers to work alone because she finds it more exciting, and she doesn't have to share her winnings.


Precognition: Her "little flash of insight" is her
 ability to see several moments into the future. This allows her to outmanoeuvre an opponent by preempting their attack.

Light projection: She can emit a powerful burst of photons in the form of her "Big Flash". It is a blinding flash of light that can stun an opponent to allow for an escape.

Martial arts: Sintilla has taught herself a unique fighting style involving her paddles. 

Transform: The ability to transform into a masked alter ego with bright red hair and a black latex costume.

Weaknesses: When two or more opponents attack at once, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to predict their movements. Gas or poison can render her unconscious. She can be overpowered by a stronger enemy. As a bisexual, she can be distracted by the physical beauty of an opponent of either sex.

Paraphernalia: She carries two hard rubber fetish paddles tucked in her boots.