Character- Statik

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:


Real Name: Carl Backstrom
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 25

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


When Carl was 3 years old, he did what few kids did and lived to tell the tale. He stuck a fork in a 240 volt electrical outlet and knocked himself across the room. For three months, he was in a coma, but his coma was not restless. Doctors trying to work on him would get electric shocks. Electrical equipment around his bed would suddenly turn on or off, for no apparent reason. And on one occasion, Carl suffered a seizure which left the doctors baffled. His convulsions were so strong that he was a blur as he shook. The doctors were no longer amazed that he had survived such a strong electrical shock, they knew that, somehow, Carl was different. 

With the emergence of many super powered individuals across the globe, the doctors decided to focus their tests on the child's genetic make-up and found what they had begun to suspect; that the child had latent mutant genes. When he had shocked himself, they had been triggered out of their dormancy.

After he woke from his coma, Carl began to show signs of incredible speed and also, other than his parents, no one could pick him up without getting electric shocks.

When government agents started asking questions about the child, one of the doctors advised Carl's parents to move to another city and to stay below the radar. Carl's parents agreed and with the doctor's help, managed to sneak out of the hospital.

As he got older, a special branch of the US government found him. They offered to train him and give him a place where he could use his powers freely.  They called themselves The All-Winners Society. Carl agreed and trained with them until he was 18, upon which he was activated for combat status and became an official member the team.


Speed: Carl's powers is based on his super speed. The faster he runs the more static electricity his body charges up. His body stores a basic charge in his body which allows him to start running at below mach 1 speeds but after he starts to run his body quickly charges up enough for him to reach his full speed. His maximum speed has so far been measured to be a little over mach 3. 

Energy blast: When his body has charged enough electricity, he can release it through his hands.

Barrier: While running, his body forms a static pocket that keeps him, or others he may be carrying, from getting hot from the air friction. It also prevents having their neck snap back from high winds and protects them from hitting objects along the way. 

Enhanced vitals: His accelerated metabolism also enhances his vitality, reflexes and recuperative abilities, allowing him to heal faster than normal.

Weaknesses: His body recycles energy, but he needs to keep on moving to replenish it, however, the more he uses his electrical blast the faster he drains his stored energy and so, the faster he needs to run to get it back. If he over taxes himself, he can tire and eventually drain his reserves to the point where his super speed is virtually gone. If that happens, he would need to rest or have access to an external electrical source.

Paraphernalia: He carries small electrical batteries which he uses when he is weakened. Their energy is sufficient to jumpstart him.