Character- Strobe

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: Strobe profile picture
                        Strobe full body

First appearance: Victory #6

Real Name: Unknown but goes by Karen Pitt
Eyes: Blue

Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Age: 25
Born in: Unknown

Ethical alliance: Good


Five years ago. Bloodwing of Hero Corp was monitoring super human activities when their computer detected an unknown energy spike. Fearing the worse, he sent out a team to investigate. They tracked it to an abandonned warehouse in Hackensack, NJ, and found a young woman in the midst of practicing her powers.

After introductions were made, the young woman said her name was Karen, though she admitted that she wasn't sure if that was indeed her real name, having no memories of her life up until a few days ago. She also claimed having no knowledge of how she had gained those powers.

Seeing the distraught in her, 
Hero Corp invited her to become a member of their group and promised that they would help her find her answers. 

A few days later, team member, Nebula, took her to the movies to see “Interview With A Vampire”. Karen was so taken with the lead actor that she took his last name. Now, she goes under the name, Karen Pitt.

After weeks of training, Karen got a better control over her abilities and Bloodwing offered her full membership to Hero Corp. Going under the name of Strobe, she soon became one of the most popular member of Hero corp. Even surpassing Adonis, himself.

To this day, however, Karen has yet to regain her memories.


Heat generation: She can create, shape and manipulate heat by increasing the kinetic energy of atoms. She can increase her body heat to such a degree that bullets melt instantly before touching her skin. On several occasions, she managed to heat up an entire city block, giving it a summer-like weather, in the middle of winter.

She can raise the body temperature in herself and others and can cause heat exhaustion or worse.

Energy blast: She can create various concussive blasts from the energies she can manipulate, hence, heat blasts and force blasts.

Force fields: She can create force fields which can stop attacks as massive as a nuclear blast.

Repell/draw: She can also stick to objects and make objects stick to her. That's how she manages to hold up her costume. It also enables her travel by to propeling herself towards objects like a magnet.

Weaknesses: Since her body is human, she possesses no special protection and she can get exhausted through physical labor, such as running and fighting. Her power, however, 
doesn't drain.