Submission Requirements
Changes to the submission requirements

1. Characters  MUST have or WILL appear in some form of publication (comic, web comic, novel, story) or are connected to characters who have done so.
2. You must have a link to that publication, kickstarter page or Facebook page leading to that publication.
3. The NHD will no longer accept unpublished characters
but will continue to accept characters from our already established contributors (You helped us build our site. We thank you.)

Before submitting your character
1. Your character must be drawn professionally preferably by an artist. If you think you can draw, don't.  If you know you can draw, then do so but the character must look like he would belong in a comic book. We want to display the characters but also the artists.
Not approved:
Character made with 
Hero Machine or other.
Not approved:

2. Your character must be an ORIGINAL superhero/super villain (preferably), but may have his roots in horror or magic.

3. Your character CANNOT live in an already established universe (Marvel/DC/City of Heroes etc...) If they do originate from there, all ties to these universes must be severed.

4. Make sure you have a detailed list of your character's powers and weaknesses. Saying that your character uses fire, doesn't say much. 

5. Have an idea of what your character's stats are and be realistic. Not everyone is invulnerable. Characters with weaknesses are true heroes. 

6. Have a link where I can access your character (a must! Without a picture they will not be considered.)

7. Consult the Faq 
for answers to some of your questions.

Make sure your picture is a HD digital picture (300dpi) large enough to display at high quality close-up of your character's face
(1000 x 1500 pixels minimum).

8. Your character must have a story (250-1000 words). How they got their powers is not enough. 

You will ONLY be notified if your character meets the requirements

When you are ready go here.

How do I create a team ?

To create a new team for the database you will need to...
1. Have at least 1 character from that team already in the database.
2. Find a team name.
3. Prepare a short history for your team.
4. Have a list of criteria for your team. Can anyone join or is the team specialized in some way? A team like Shadow Force
, for example, will only consider characters who fight dark forces.
5. A brief description of the team's mission or purpose.
6. Determine which of your characters belong to that team.

When you are ready go here.

For comments or if you need to contact me regarding other matters...
E-mail me here.

You can also comment on our Facebook Page.