Superiora (The Original) 
Superiora (original)

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Superiora (original)

Real Name: Nao-Mi
Earth Name: Naomi Hensley
Superiora The First, Original Superiora, “Mommy Superiora” by her fans

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 9 inches 
Age: 200
Born on: Planet Rioian

Ethical alliance: Good


Naomi Hensley is the first Superiora. She is originally from the Planet Rioian, but came to earth as part of her mission. She travelled across the galaxy offering help to various planets and their people, but when she came to Earth, it was to stop a powerful adversary.

Naomi arrived in 1975 alongside her ex-lover Sol-Za. She began her career on Earth under the mantle of Superiora. Together they fought many battles and defeated multiple adversaries. They had a great friendship and a
t the time, she and Sol-Za were considered to be the greatest heroes in the world, but Naomi's fame was quickly surpassing Sol-Za's.

The world loved her, and the more time she spent fighting for the people, the more that love grew. Sol-Za began to feel jealous and abandoned, eventually turning away from her and from the good fight. He became a villain and started to embrace the dark. 

Throughout her career, Naomi met other heroic friends, such as the Gem Warrior Jupiter Lightning.

Naomi met a photographer and journalist named Keaton Hensley. He interviewed her many times and took many photos of her. Eventually, the two started dating and fell in love. Naomi married him and started a modelling agency in Lovelight City.

A few years later, they settled down and had a daughter named Carly Hensley, who would grow up and take her mother mantle as the second Superiora.


Super strength: Her strength enables her to lift over 200 tons.

Speed: She can move extremely fast, capable of dodging bullets.

Physical/energy resistance: She can withstand attack from most conventional weapons with no damage.

Optic blast: Can fire heat blasts from her eyes. These are hot enough to easily melt metal.

Flight: Superiora can fly at supersonic speeds, reaching mach 10.

Weaknesses: Superiora is vulnerable to magic and mind control.

The source of Superiora’s power is the state of her mind. She must focus in order to activate her powers, or she is as vulnerable as a non-powered human.