Character- Superiora 

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: 

First appearance: 
Venus Star and the Legion of Lust

Real Name: Carly Hensley
A.K.A.: Superiora II

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blueish green
Height: 5'9"
Age: 25
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Carly Hensley is the daughter of Naomi Hensley, the first Superiora, who is an alien from Planet Rioian. When Carly reached the age of 22, she followed her mother’s footsteps and took up the mantel as the Second Superiora.

She is a protector of Lovelight City, but her motives for doing so are not altruistic. She does it primarily for the fame it brings her.

Superiora has taken a dislike for Venus Star. Despite being a fellow heroine, Carly views Venus Star as a threat to her so-called fame, and has a rivalry with her. This rivalry even extends to their alter-egos as Carly Hensley is also a supermodel. She and Jasmine Williams happens to work at the same modelling agency.

Carly, however, is not aware that Venus Star is Jasmine Williams.


Optic blast: Can fire heat blasts from her eyes

Super strength: She has the ability to lift around 90 tons.

Flight: She can fly and reach mach 2 speed.

Speed: Her enhanced speed allows her to dodge bullets.

Physical resistance: She can survive gun shots, explosions and rockets.

Weaknesses:  Superiora is overconfident and extremely arrogant about of her powers. She tends to believe that she is the strongest being in the world.

In battle, she often relies on her invulnerability because she has little combat skills.

She is also vulnerable to magic, mind control and has been brought unconscious with chloroform. She can be overpowered by beings as strong as her, and has gotten her powers drained.

The source of Superiora’s power is the state of her mind. She must focus in order to activate her powers, or she is as vulnerable as a non-powered human.