Team- Terra Corp
Current Members:

Electric Marshal  Marksman  Photon  Power Claw  Tank

Team founder: Photon

Official team leader: Photon

Membership: Not open to new members

Created by:
 Brian Hitsman

Other picture: Team picture

Terra Corp is the super powered force of Terra Corporation. It is owned and lead by Photon who has paid large amounts of money to fund it.

Every member of the group has a cyber implant inside him, enabling Photon to know what each member is doing and where they are at all times.

Thanks to his expertise and knowledge, Photon has won a government sponsorship for working on alien technology and his work is watched very closely by the US government. Terra Corporation also has several research bases hidden throughout the world. One of these is a hidden research base located in Northern Canada.

Photon's work borders on the illegal but with the right people paid off, a lot of what he does is overlooked.

All of his work is for the protection of the planet and as far as Photon is concerned, the ends justify the means when it comes to defending it.

Photon also has in his employ dozens of powered armored lackeys to guard various areas of Terra Corporation.  

Membership requirements: Must be subjugated to Photon's extreme policies and agree to all his demand. Photon will never allow just anyone to join. In fact, if he wants you to join he will come to you.