Character- Photon

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance:  
Global Defense Force #1 
Other picture: Photon profile picture

Real Name: Adam, Abram, or Ashton Terra
Hair: None
Eyes: Orange
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 32

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


His company was owned by three brothers before the three were merged into the being now known as Photon. When this happened, Photon took control of his company and renamed it Terra Corp.

Within months, Terra Corp started making great strides in robotics and artificial limbs, but it was after the Great Invasion that his company became the number one privately owned research facility on alien technology.

Having illegally gained access to several alien artifacts, Terra Corp soon became the go-to company for insights on alien technology, rivalling the government's own researchers.

Although the government is aware of Terra Corp's illicit activities, they prefer to look the other way and instead, bask in the valuable contributions Terra Corp has provided them about the understanding of this alien resource.

Photon claims that he and his company are here to protect the world, but he feels that he can only achieve that if he is the one who rules it. He is a strong believer that the end justifies the means and it is perfectly acceptable to him if thousands of people must die so that a million can be saved. 


Molecular manipulation: Photon can control atoms, the building blocks of matter, and can manipulate it on an atomic level. Using this ability, he was able to gut an entire mountain to be used as a giant laboratory. This did not even come close to weakening him.

Super strength: Photon can affect his own molecules, which has allowed him to become far more durable and his strength has increased beyond any normal human. He can lift weights in the 50 ton range.

Power lift: Through he use of his molecular manipulating abilities, he has been able to lift weights in the 200 ton range.

Instant heal: By manipulating his own atoms, he can heal any wounds almost instantly. 

Enhanced intelligence: Thanks to his unique brain and abilities, Photon can create artificial limbs seemingly out of nothing. These can be surgically attached to anyone and ,to date, he has reconstructed whole bodies with the exception of the brain.

Teleportation: He can teleport to the other side of the world in a split second, and his maximum range of teleportation is about the distance to the moon. However, Photon can also make worm holes. Through these, he can transport himself or someone anywhere in the Sol system. He can also force someone to come to him if he knows their exact location.

Flight: His flight speed has been calculated as being in the high Mach teens but his top limit is unknown.

Physical/energy resistance: His body can withstand high impact physical and energy attacks, but he can also raise his stats multiple times, making him virtually invulnerable.

Enhanced reflexes: His reaction speed is considered super human.

Weaknesses: His powers cannot directly affect living tissue other than his own, because the bio-energy created by living entities disrupts his ability. He, therefore, cannot affect living beings directly. 

He also cannot affect the element Gravitanium, which is what Manchine's armor is made of.