Character- Thor's Assassin
Thor`s Assassin

Created by: Michael Poe

Other Picture: Thor's Assassin full body
First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: Mikel
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 7 foot 2 inches 
Age: 1300
Country of origin: Norway

Ethical alliance: Good


Born Mikel in the year 665 AD to Mjöll and Gormr of Ålesund on the beautiful shores of Norway. Brother to Kaolin. From an early age his mother and father witnessed his gift of regeneration in the many falls and bites he received while shadowing his father. It was called "Lokie's gift" by his mother because the boy had no fear and would seek out danger to test the limits of this ability. Quickly learning the hunt the boy would disappear for days at a time only to return with month's worth of food. His bravery soon garnered attention from his younger brother and a young girl by the name of Niobjorg. 

Overtime the three became close and would not be seen without each other. Sneaking onto the shore to witness the grand ceremony of the annual lottery against their parents wishes. Hearing the sacred words spoken by the elders to the calm sea. The flowers laid out and the fires stoked high as a signal for the coming serpent. They would wait through the night as the town slept for the great serpent to collect his prize, watching with wide eyes as the chosen sacrifice wriggled and screamed to the elders that placed them there. The pleas for mercy often cut off suddenly by the ripping noise and violent splash of water. The children would emerge from the wall after the beast returned to the water to collect trinkets that the village folk laid out as an honor to the fallen. Often they would sit around the great fire and tell stories and make promises that they would run away. Tell of dreams of far off places and tales of fortune and fame.

Three years would pass with Mikel learning from the older warriors. He would become a great scout and fierce combatant against animal and men. His gifts afforded him an advantage that no other man possessed and he used them to great affect in order to secure the villages peace and serenity. 

The years after would come to be the best years of his mortal life. Courting his childhood friend and leading the army into victory after victory. During this time he would use his status to try and eliminate the annual lottery. His argument was that the serpent could fall and that life was too precious to offer. His words fell on deaf and disbelieving ears however and the lottery persisted.

It was in his 28th year that his path would change forever. The time had come that year to chose a sacrifice to the great serpent. Names would be gathered for the eldest of the village to chose from. As fate would have it, the name he chose that year was that of Niobjorg. Mikel went into a rage, cursing the other elders and their ancient practice and vowing to sabotage the ceremony and end the madness. He was torn between his love for his people and his love for his beloved. So it came to the night of the serpent. Mikel and his brother sat in that same spot behind the wall listening to Nio's curses. The elders on this night did not sleep. The village was in turmoil over the uncertainty. "I will not let this happen Kaolin, this ends tonight!" Mikel said sternly to his younger brother who simply nodded in agreement. "Gather the men, we fight the great serpent to whatever end. Are you with me brother?" "...till the end..." He answered.

The call to battle was an easy one for the village warriors. They would die for Mikel if he willed it. They all gathered around the fjord, setting great fires to see by. The elders shouted their protest out to the night to no avail. At that, Mikel jumped the wall and ran at the old men guarding his beloved. His army behind him led into battle by his brother Kaolin. Just as Mikel raised his sword the waters moved fiercely, almost parting as the beast shown his face leaping at his target. Mikel managed to cut one chain that held Nio's arm as he lunged toward the huge serpent and the battle ensued. A stab at the serpents nose thwarted the fierce attack just as Kaolin called for the archers. The skies were showered with arrows striking the long massive body though that only took the attention off Mikel for a moment. With a quick thrust the mountains were struck by the beast, knocking massive amounts of archers off and down into the waiting rocks below. Through the cries and pleas of the village elders the battle raged on, the Destined For Valhalla by ThorsAssassinserpent easily dispatching leagues and leagues of the villages best archers and warriors. Kaolin (Lokie seeing his opportunity), ran full out toward the thing that killed his brethren. Suddenly, with Mikel trying for a save, the serpent swooped in on Kaolin and swallowed him whole. At this Mikel went mad as he was known to do in battles. Blood drunk, blind rage, animalistic swings from his broadswords one after the other. It was an amazing site from the few who survived. The only known person strong enough to wield 2 broadswords facing certain death standing between Niobjorg and the great serpent. It was all for not in the end. The remaining men being inspired by their leader ran into the fray only to get eaten up one by one until all that was left was Mikel.

Lokie quickly went to Thor in Asgard and brought his attention to this great battle. "he's the one my lord....he fights for his love Niobjorg in the face of certain death, he will be a valuable asset to you here in Asgard...go to him and bring him home" Lokie's words were like a spell to the Thunder God as he called for his armor and Mjöllnir. "Midgard needs me..." The God spoke as he descended.

Meanwhile Mikel fought the serpent back over and over, knocking off teeth and losing one sword in the eye of the massive face striking at him. Suddenly a sidewards strike knocked the great warrior to the ground. With a great amount of force the ancient serpent snatched Mikel up by his knees and bit down hard, separating his legs from the rest of his body in a violent move. Mikel cried out to his beloved to run but she was still held by the chains on her right hand. His legs healing near the lost limbs, Mikel made several strikes toward the serpent as he backed up closer to Niobjorg. "I love you" He said to her. "I will always love you" She returned. Both sensing the end. Suddenly the winds howled and storm clouds rolled into the fjord from the heavens, A downward spiral or dark clouds spiraled toward the serpent with lightning surrounding it. It was the God Thor, who threw his hammer into the serpent so hard it rolled the great body over into the sea. The battle that ensued was grand indeed. Lightning striking the beast and striking through it. The mighty Mjöllnir making crushing blows to the flesh of the serpent over and over. The fight waged on and enabled Mikel to crawl to Niobjorg and release her, holding her as they watched. It would be their last moments together.

With a final mighty strike from his legendary hammer, Thor fell the great serpent. At that he swooped in and snatched up his prize. Mikel watched as his beloved Niobjorg grew smaller and smaller while he ascended in the arms of a God. She would live to an old age taking on the leadership of the village and creating a life devoid of violence, war and rituals. In his ascension the great warrior fell off to a deep sleep as the memories of Midgard were taken away. His story became a myth in the centuries that followed. Only remembered in tales made by mothers and fathers to their children...

The sleeping warrior. The chosen one. The defeated champion of Midgard lay in wait in the halls of Valhalla while the Gods spoke of him, while the trickster worked his scheme. "He fell because he had no armor my lord, give me your permission and I will have armor made for him. I will have legs made for him guided by my magic, a suit that affords him his position in Asgard as your apprentice" Lokie said unto Thor and the God of Thunder agreed.

Once the armor was forged, Thor woke the sleeping warrior. "Awake young soul, your story is not over" Thor commanded. "You have been chosen to be a Champion of Midgard and the outer plains, to help me in my quests to rid the tyranny of evil throughout the realms, do you accept this charge?" The God spoke firmly and cautiously. "With my very soul" The apprentice replied as he rose. For centuries thereafter The Apprentice would follow his lord and learn from him. Learning to harness the great life force of all living things and environments.

Centuries later, Thor's Assassin was assigned to protect the planet Trisen and when invaders showed up, he and other heroes joined forces to combat the enemy. While some heroes did manage to escape and form the Guardians of Creation, Thor's Assassin stayed behind and still fights to this day alongside his own team, the Legends of Justice.

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Power accessory: Thor's Assassin wears a magical armor that increases his protection from harm. He also carries his Staff of Power that enables him to call forth and harmess lightning.

Physical/energy resistance: Can withstand the full direct blast of a nuclear bomb when he wears his armor.

Super strength: He is said to have the strength of a thousand men placing it at around 100 tons of lift.

Energy manipulation: Able to control electricity in any form. He can also Dark Miasma from the netherworlds and manipulate it in any form.

Summoning: Can call minions from the realms of Valhalla to fight for him.

Cross dimensional travel: Able to move through the realms with strength of will 

Space travel/flight: Can fly through space not needing to breathe and go without food and water for months. He can reach a top speed of 850 mph. Like a lightning bolt, he is able to travel through the clouds while in electric form.

Healing factor: Able to regenerate wounds inflicted in battle.

Weaknesses:  Thor's Assassin is susceptible to psionics and mental manipulation.

His soul link to Niobjorg is detrimental to his existence as a sane being.

It is unknown how powerful Thor's Assassin really is and believed that once his powers reach a certain point, they will consume him.

His wears an armor that is magical and indestructible, crafted by Eitri and Brokkr and forged from the same material as the legendary Mjöllnir. 

His Staff of Power holds the source of his power.

His suit has wires that follow underneath to carry the current to it's destination. 

His visor helps him see great distances and to see at night.

The large boots help his balance. 

The belt he wears carries a  jewel found in the great lakes of Asgard.

His shoulder spikes are a homage to his human existance. 

The cape carries the symbol of his village town in Norway.