Character- Thunder

Created by: Mike Silva

Other pictures: Thunder full body

Name: Mark Lamarche
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Hair: Brown
Age: 21

Born in: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


The year was 2050 and heroes were now a thing of the past. All the threats seemed to be gone and most of the heroes had retired. The few that had not, had lost their powers over time. As to why? No one was quite sure. Many suspected that A.R.M.O. Labs had played a part in it, but none knew quite how. All that was known was that super powered individuals did not exist anymore, or if some did remain, they had kept out of sight.

The world seemed to be at peace, but peace was not good for business, especially for those who relied on chaos and destruction. A.R.M.O Labs was one such entity and they soon realized that for them, peace had been a mistake. They decided that it was time to start their Neo-Heroes program and bring super powered individuals back into the world. It was time to return chaos.

Mark Lamarche was one of many who had been abducted by A.R.M.O. Labs. They had needed subjects for their experiment. Experiments that were to recreate the conditions that had allowed the creation of the first hero, the Hurricane.

The original data for the experiment had been destroyed in the explosion that had occured when the Hurricane had been created some forty years ago, but the charred remains had not been discarded. They had been kept in the hope that advances in technology would one day allow for it to be restored. A.R.M.O Labs had managed to restore most of it.

For months, subjects were exposed to high intensities of electrical stimulation in order to replicate the event that had created the Hurricane but every subject died from the electrical saturation, all but one.

It seems that they were finally getting some results with the Canadian specimen called Mark. Mark's body had passed the point of saturation but kept absorbing the electrical energy even when it had reached the level of intensity of a lightning storm. But Mark's body proved no match for the equipment that was used on him and it caused a massive blackout, sending half the city into darkness. Mark managed to escape during the confusion.

The police commissioner, finding the whole blackout suspicious, called the one person he felt could investigate the incident adequately, his son Jonathan Spark, a.k.a. the Hurricane.

John had retired, years ago, but unlike the heroes who had lost their powers, his remained, though they had weakened considerably.

As he investigated the blackout, it led him to A.R.M.O. Labs' local branch. There he found Mark leaving the premises at excessive speed. Noticing the similarity of Mark's powers to his, he followed him and managed to track him down. When he reached him, Mark was resting in an alley, weakened from the experience.

Jonathan decided to take him under his wing and help him through the transition.

A.R.M.O. Labs searched for Mark but could not find him, but the success of the experiment allowed them to continue with their work and after a few months, new powered individuals appeared in the city, though most were criminals.

Assuming the role of its protector, Mark, under the name Thunder and with the help of the Hurricane, protected the city and learned to master his powers.

For four years they worked together, until one fateful day when Jonathan sacrificed himself so he could save Mark's life.

His last words to him were : "You are not a kid anymore. You are now a better and more powerful hero than I could ever be. You have been like a son to me and I am so proud of you."

Mark continues to fight crime and save the world when it needs saving.


Speed: His main power is super speed with which he can attain speeds reaching Mach 60, although, he rarely goes this fast, because reaching these speeds drains his reserves. 

By combining his super speed and martial arts training, he can land over 100 punches in a few seconds and can easily take on multiple opponents.

He can channel his speed in one punch, enabling him to punch a hole in reinforced concrete. 

Bullet Time: His mind processes every bit of information faster than any human being, enabling him to do anything faster than anyone. At his peak speed, everything around him appears to go slower.

Healing factor: Like most speedsters, his super speed affects his metabolism and enhances his healing abilities, allowing him to heal many injuries within a day, although fractured bones and bullet wounds can take a few days.

Energy blast: Mark can generate electricity to knock down his enemies and sometime paralyze them. He also generates an electric field around him when he runs in order to deal with the friction and the damage caused by running at excessive speeds.

Energy absorption: Since his power was derived from receiving large amounts of electricity, he can absorb electricity to recharge his powers or even to boost his abilities. When he boosts, he attains maximum efficiency for a few minutes.

Weaknesses: Using his abilities drains him rather quickly so he needs to recharge often and usually does after each mission.

Boosting his abilities drains him quickly and leaves him extremely vulnerable and weak. He needs immediate recharge after boosting or he could black out.

When he runs out of energy, he cannot uses any of his powers for at least 12 hours if he does not recharge. Recharging usually takes around 10 minutes, leaving him vulnerable.

Paraphernalia: He also uses batteries for regular recharge and has a set of more powerful batteries to boost himself as a last resort.