Character- Transplant

Created by:  
Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #2

Real Name: Trevor Smith
Hair: Blond
Eyes: White 
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 25

Nationality: Canada

Ethical alliance: Evil


Shortly after the alien being Pthirus arrived on Earth, others of his race followed. These beings had learned that human DNA could easily be mutated and had begun experimenting on humans. Their aim was to create a team of powerful humans who would be under their control. Such humans could then be used as infiltration units, thus, giving the aliens better access to Earth. Trevor was one such human.

The once two-bit thief had been transformed into a
 power soldier and was being trained in the use of his newly acquired abilities. The mutagens used in stimulating the human DNA never quite gave the same results and with each experiment it is never known what powers will manifest. In Trevor's case, he acquired the ability to exchange places with others. However, unknown to the aliens, Trevor's ability had one hidden secret.

Trevor learned that he could not only trade places with people he saw directly, but also with those he saw indirectly, like those on a monitor. He kept that secret to himself and decided he would use it to escape his captors and return to Earth. He waited until the time was right and when the ship communicated with one of their agents on Earth, he switched places with that agent.

His escape was complete but he knew he would not be safe if he stayed alone. He searched for other super powered criminals and among a group, felt safe again. Taking the name Transplant, he is now a member of the Lords of the Wild.


Transposition: Transplant has the ability to exchange physical space with another living creature, be it human or animal. It is not required that he be part of the equation and thus, he can use his ability on others and have them switch places with each other. One of his favorite moves is to have the person he wants dead switch places with a bird that is several hundred feet above the ground.

His ability is sight based so he must see the person he is transpositioning. However, the ability can still be used if the person is viewed on a monitor such as from a call phone via face time.

Teleportation: Through the act of transposition he is able to send himself across the globe, essentially achieving teleportation.

Weaknesses: If he is blinded or placed in total darkness he would be unable to use his power.

Paraphernalia: He carries a smart phone with face-time application as well as a list of potential customers he can dial up if he needs to make a quick get away.