Character- Ustara 

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Steve Bishop
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Age: 28

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Steve is the grandnephew of WWII hero Philly Blunt. When he turned 14, he began to display some of his abilities and was approached by the US government.

He had charmed years in high school and college, and he was good-looking, popular and class president. Were he allowed to participate in sports, he surely would have excelled, but his supreme physical status forced him not to take part for fear of injuring others.

For a short time, he was a member of the All Winners Society, and participated in their training program. But the higher ups had different plans for him, and he was pulled out after a couple of years. He was to become the building block of a specialized small strike force team that would later be called the Unbelievable Superhuman Alliance. Going by the name Ustara he would be the face of the American dream.


Super strength: His strength enables him to lift in the vicinity of 60 tons.

Invulnerability: Ustara can withstand intense physical forces, as well as energy attacks of the highest magnitude.

Flight: He has the ability to fly at speeds reaching Mach 10.

Weaknesses: He has no real weaknesses, but his cockiness can sometimes place his teammates at a disadvantage or in harm's way.