Character- Vamp

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

First appearance:
Comic book series Il Pacificador

Other Pictures: Vamp full body

Real Name: Carolina Cruz
Hair: Brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Age: 19
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Evil


She was a victim of a violent exposure to Silver Flame's radiation. Some of his x-genes were transfered but something went wrong and Carolina was turned into in a heat seeking vampire. The pain of the transformation coupled with the hunger she feels did something to her mind and drove her insane.

Her only reason for being is to drain the heat of living organisms with only one goal: To get absolute power. 


Energy absorption: In order to create fire, she must absorb ambient heat but she prefers the heat from her victims. Once she has absorbed a victim's heat, her own body's energies multiply a thousand fold. She can then use that energy as she see fit.

Heat generation: Her body can generate a temperature of 500 Kelvin (227 Celcius). The temperature is too low to cause fires but makes her too hot to touch.

Energy sensing: Her senses are keenly honed to detect heat sources, living or artificial.

Fire blast: She can release the heat she has metabolised into blasts of intense heat or flames.

Pyrokinetic: She can also control fire and flames, whether she has created them or not.

Barrier: She can create shields of flames to protect herself.

Healing factor: Part of the metabolised energy gets diverted to accelerate the healing of her cells, enabling her to survive fatal wounds.

Rejuvenation: If she has no wounds to heal, the metabolised living energy will heal worn cells and rejuvenate them, making her look younger.

She doesn't have any powers unless she has a source of heat to absorb.

Her hunger for heat overwelms her rational and she will do what it takes to feed.