Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Xoura
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Age: 28

Born in: Greece

Ethical alliance: Good


Most people believe that the reason the gods are not involved in the life of men is that they have all died, but that is far from the truth. They are still worshipped on several worlds, which is why they have moved there.

Xoura is the daughter of Ares and Enyo, and as a young goddess, was sent to Tibres, a place where gods of many faiths were to be trained. Her training would take many forms, their purpose to teach her how and what it takes to be a goddess.

It was during her time there she met young man named Steve, a man who would one day become Firedemon. The two became friends and, after some time, more than friends.

Steve, it turned out, was actually a son of Satan, and he had been sent to Tibres to be trained, as his father had requested, through pain and torture. Xoura's training was more traditional, and she hated having to watch as he was tortured day after day.

Having had enough, she came to his defence, not realizing that this challenge would cause a war to break out. The biblical evil gods were soon facing off the Greek gods, but before full war broke out, Xoura and Steve agreed to end their relationship.

Not unlike the humans known as Romeo and Juliet, their love was forbidden in order for peace to prevail.

After her training was done, Xoura travelled around the universe looking for a purpose, while also hoping to find Steve again.


Super strength:  Xoura has god-like strength, enabling her to destroy most man-made structures.

Space travel: She has the ability to fly and can reach speeds allowing her to travel interplanetary distances.

Star travel: Xoura can also travel to other stars by using ancient wormholes, created by the gods.

Martial arts: 
Her training has taught her many fighting styles, the most proficient of which is ax and shield.

Paraphernalia: Xoura wields an ax and shield forged by the gods. The ax is capable of breaking through virtually anything, and the indestructible shield can stop any attack.