Created by: Lawrenz Lano

Other Picture: Geomass full body

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 15 feet
Age: Over 500

Ethical alliance: Good


Long ago, Geomass was selected to become a member of the Children of the Guardian. Under the leadership of Rubikhon, he helped save and protect his world, Neosa, from various threats but primarily from the BahNu.

Some 250 years later, a being showed up in the Neosian system, and Geomass was the first to respond to this intrusion. He battled the being, whom he thought was a new BahNu weapon, but he later learned that this being was also a child of the Guardian. His name was Silverlance.

Geomass and Silverlance became good friends and their friendship grew even more after Silverlance settled permanently on Neosa. For 80 years, they fought alongside until the arrival of the rogue guardian, Q'Aestor.

Geomass was sent to warn Silverlance's former team, Gaia Force, of the impending threat that Q'Aestor represented. Alongside Silverlance's former allies, Geomass fought and helped defeat the rogue guardian.


Geomass can tap an unlimited amount of matter and expel it in the form of meteorites. He can shape this matter into masses approaching the size of dwarf planets. Using this power, he fashioned all of Neosa's artificial moons.

On one occasion, Geomass has moulded his rocky discharge into a protective suit.

Space travel:
Geomass can survive and travel the rigourous expanses of interplanetary space.

Super strength: His maximum physical strength hasn't been measured but may approach that of Meridian's.

Self sustaining: Does not need to eat or drink.

Physical/energy resistance: He can resist attacks of the highest magnitude.

Omnilinguilism: Geomass can communicate with any intelligent specie.

Enhanced vision:
He can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Extended lifespan: Geomass has already lived over 500 years and he still shows no signs of aging.

Weaknesses:  Although no one but Q'Aestor managed to extract the Guardian energies out of other guardians, it stands to reason that Geomass would be susceptible to the same technique.