Character- Meridian

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy 

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other appearances: 
Gaia Force #2, #3, #4, #5, #6...

Other picture:
Original costume by John Becaro

 New-  New look by Joe de Santos


Real Name: Alyssa Stamford 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
6 foot 1 inch
Age: 25 
in 2012
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Co-owner of Rogues' Café/Bartender
Base of operations: The Citadel/Tapek, Andaleb IV

Ethical alliance: Good


Alyssa was a promising beauty queen. She was to enter the Miss Australia pageant, but one of her competitors had a different idea. She orchestrated an assault and Alyssa was attacked, beaten and  disfigured. Alyssa knew that her dream was now over and instead of adjusting to her new life, she began to hide herself from everyone. She could not bear looking at her face in a mirror and contemplated ending her life. The Guardian prevented  her from doing so by sending Avatar Prime to recruit her.

Although her whole life had been in pursuit of perfect physical beauty, what most would call vanity, she attained it with humility. Unlike most that succeeded through arrogance, pride and manipulation, Alyssa had never done so. Rather, she had encouraged her competitors and even helped them better themselves. The Guardian found her altruism and love of life to be an asset to the team he was creating. He healed her and granted her wish by making her the undisputed perfect woman.

Unlike all the members of Gaia Force who are at the peak of their genetic potential, Meridian’s physical appearance represents the ultimate peak of human perfection. She possesses no junk DNA. She is absolutely perfect.
She is also the strongest member of Gaia Force surpassed only by Avatar Prime.   

300 years later, having fulfilled their duty towards Gaia, Gaia Force disbanded. Meridian, her lover Farpoint and her best friend Roguestar left Earth and relocated to the Shifu system where they could keep watch on the human colonies who had also established there. On the moon Andaleb IV, she and Roguestar opened a club, The Rogue's café. Not long after, her relationship with Farpoint took a bad turn, and he eventually left.

Some eighty years later, it was learned that the Rogue guardian Q'Aestor was hunting down other guardians. Before confronting him, she and Roguestar set out to find the former member of their team in the hopes of reuniting them once again.


Super strength: Meridian is the strongest member of Gaia Force, with the possible exception of Avatar Prime. Her strength hasn't been accurately measured, but it far exceeds 500 tons of lift. Her strongest feat to date has been keeping a Gatari ship from going to warp by holding its two pyramidal shaped halves from spinning. Each half exceeds Egypt's Giza pyramid in size.

Indestructibility: She can resist the harshest physical attacks and has even faced Roguestar's Nova Blast point-blank.

Substance secretion: Meridian also exudes sexuality and sensuality, enticing those around her.

Extended lifespan: Like all members of Gaia Force, she possesses long life.

Self sustaining:Does not need to eat or drink.

Space travel: She can fly and possesses inter-planetary travel capabilities.

Omnilinguilism: Like all members of Gaia Force, she can communicate with any intelligent life form.

Energy resistance:Has a high resistance to energy attacks and radiation.

Enhanced vision: Like all members of Gaia Force, can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.

Limitations: Her pheromone-like powers are ineffective against her fellow guardians.

Appearance: Meridian has an assortment of clothes that she wears, and although they can all withstand the ravages of planetary re-entry none compares to her pink ones. Her pink outfit was created by the Guardian while the others were molecularly enhanced by Silverlance.