Team- Gaia Force
Active Members:  

 arkahnus  caregiver  farpoint  hartree  meridian  night storm

 renshi    silverlance  

Inactive/reserve members:

avatar prime  nicci  the guardian

Team founder: The Guardian

Team supervisor: Avatar Prime

Official team leader: Silverlance

Membership: Does not accept new                                 members

Created by:
Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy

First Comic book appearance:
The Return of Gaia Force #1

Other pictures:


Official Site: Gaia Force Official Site 


Gaia Force is a group of super human beings created by the entity known as The Guardian. Their mission is to protect the planet, most specifically Gaia, from its enemies.

Gaia Force is based primarily in the Citadel, on the dark side of the Moon but their territory extends as far as the edge of the heliosphere. They also have a facility on the moon Thetys, in the Saturnian system.

The team disbanded after serving Gaia for 300 years but some 80 years later, Roguestar started his own team, The New Gaia Force.

Order of recruitment: Avatar Prime, Caregiver, Nicci, Arkahnus, Renshi, Silverlance, Hartree, Night Storm, Meridian, Roguestar, Farpoint.

Membership requirements: Must be personally selected by the Guardian.

Base of operations: The Citadel, Moon