Level Hierarchy

          Level hierarchy situates the character's overall position in the database. Since each of the character's
          stats influences the overall level, a character's position in the lower ranks, by no means, diminishes the
ability to defeat someone of a higher level. Naturally, a level 50 character would likely have
          little chance against 
a level 80 character but depending on what his strengths were, anything is possible.


aCry FowlDead MistressMistress Velvet  

          NocturneSnowMaidenwhite monk


          BadzGrey FoxInquisitor DizLex MorganNebula 

          brawlDetroit Justicefire girlLady DarkStormMothgirl
Siberiusstool pigeonTrapezeUltimatevipera


          Dr FrostFeral KatPreyin MantisRo-BowtixSantana  

          Silver Ghostsoul walker 


          DarqueenDreamsongkilspykekittykatMadame Guardian  

          Mr FixxNoose FingersRex DavidsonVamp


          Blaque OnyxKwizzikLeading ManMantisMarionettePhilly Girl 

          poison arrowReplikateSgt OBrien        


          BengalBlitzkriegDevil StixDingoEye of JusticeKiller Sting 

          MaskpantherRat BastardSaturnineTransplant


          Firefighter 1FrostKestrelPeacemaker


          Aerial SilkdirewolfHero Complex KidjihadMardi GrasNyte Fyter    

          Rick JohnsonTension


          American B EagleOzaleckRosie the RiveterThorn