Level Hierarchy

          Level hierarchy situates the character's overall position in the database. Since each of the character's
          stats influences the overall level, a character's position in the lower ranks, by no means, diminishes the
ability to defeat someone of a higher level. Naturally, a level 50 character would likely have
          little chance against 
a level 80 character but depending on what his strengths were, anything is possible.



          black sting
cop 1Gavin ReynoldsIron MaidenPhilly Blunt 

          PthirusPurple DragonWeekend Warrior


BlazeWingBlurCorrupt ScionInfiniteNaciusofti LeaderRadium Ray


BlitzFight KnightFiredartFool`s ParsleyJack Knife         

          mach 6PermafrostPurple SpaceRazor FinRed GirlSiege


          All Hallows EveAnimal Teen
Dr WarMagizOlenSoleil 



galaxykiller wailMaiden Japan 


AradiaGail ForceMacabre HombreMonojetwildclaw


          BarricadeBioriskJolly RogerMidnight Star
Sue Nami 



Inferalraikumr x


          Cassandra Course
CesspoolCop #3Crusherdark slayerDestiny 
infernoKaren the summonerKiaraOmegaShadow Hero 


Agent PolymerbombshellFloraLava DragonMaiden USAscarlet lotus 

          Shadow Foxwraith