Level Hierarchy

          Level hierarchy situates the character's overall position in the database. Since each of the character's
          stats influences the overall level, a character's position in the lower ranks, by no means, diminishes the
ability to defeat someone of a higher level. Naturally, a level 50 character would likely have
          little chance against 
a level 80 character but depending on what his strengths were, anything is possible.


DumbstruckHeinousLayla BronzeMimePsykineticSassy Blaster 

          SideshockSouthern RebelleStand In 


          GamblerFerine Lordra the GoodNight DamePink StarlightRavenous


          AtalantaBileMea Corpus 

          Midnight OwlMinute GirlPapa BlancSpanish Fly


          Blue DestinyCold SpellDelia JohnsonFoul MouthHoaxKlandestine

          Mistress of CeremoniesSanta clawz


           Bunny HopChlorinaLeopard WomanLisa johnsonred olympianRicochet?

            Unholy Diver





          Chihuahua GirlLovespell              


          Carrie A GunnNite FallPilgrimPoker Queenstrong 1Texas two gunn


          EchoIronyStreet Justice