The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.


             Accuracy: The ability to hit targets with incredible precision.

             Acid resistance: Resistance to corosive agents.  

             Adaptation: A technique through which one's power increases until it matches or overwhelms an attack.

             Aerokinesis: This ability allows one to manipulate the winds.

             Agility: The ability to move with increased spryness.

             Air walking: An ability which allows one to walk or propel oneself on air molecules.

             Animal abilities: Having the skills of an animal.

             Animal attributes: Possessing physical animal characteristics.

             Animation: The ability to control inanimate objects.

             Assimilation: To absorb the properties of an object and transfer it to oneself.


             Barrier: The ability to create physical walls of protection.

             Berserker: Ability that makes one lose total control and lash out indiscriminately.

             Bestialinguilism: The ability to communicate with animals.

             Biological acceleration: The ability to accelerate biological processes.

             Biodegradation: A process that breaks down biological processes.
             Bullet-time: An ability which allows one to move so quickly that, to him, time seems to slow down.

             Chakra mastery: The ability to tap into the human chakra and spiritual energy.

             Chromatophoria: The ability to change one's skin colour.

             Clairvoyance: The ability to see future events.            

             Constructs: An ability that allows one to create or generate solid objects.

             Contortionism: The ability to bend the body unnaturally.

             Corruption: The ability to turn a benign thing or person into an evil one.

Cosmic manipulation:To be capable of manipulating the fabric of space.

             Cross-dimensional travel: To be able to exist and function in another dimension.

             Cryokinetics: The ability to control and create ice by freezing water particles in the air.

             Crystokinesis: The ability to create or control crystals.

             Cybernetics: Possessing mechanical parts or implants.


             Dark energy: The ability to tap darkness or unholy energy.

             Density control: The ability to control the density of oneself or objects by affecting their mass.



             Echolocation: The ability to navigate one's surroundings by interpreting sound bouncing off objects.

             Elasticity: The ability to stretch parts of one's body.

             Elemental magic: The ability to summon magic forces tied to the Earth. These include, fire, water, wind, 
                                        air and their variations.

             Elemental blast: The release of elemental forces through means other than magic.

             Empathy: The ability to feel or influence others' moods and feelings.

             Enchantment:  The ability to infuse an object with magical properties.

             Energy absorption: Can absorb into oneself various froms of energy.

             Energy blast: To release energy as a concentrated force.

             Energy burst: A technique which allows one's power to multiply for a time.

             Energy drain: The ability to absorb energy from someone or from one's surroundings.

Energy manipulation: Can use energy for various purposes.

             Energy resistance: Does not feel the effects of certain energy attacks.

             Energy sensing: The ability to feel the presence of various energies.    

             Enhanced intelligence: To perform mental tasks beyond the common standards.                

             Enhanced memory: Capable to store and retrieve the most minutes of details.

             Enhanced vision: Can see more than the human eye.

             Enhanced vitals: Stats like strength, endurance, stamina, reflexes...have been improved.

Enhanced reflexes: Allows one to pre-empt an opponent's attack.

             Extended lifespan: To live an extremely long time.

             Filtering vision: To alter one's vision by combining different visual modes.

             Fire blast: Can use fire as a mode of attack.

             Floating: The ability to render one's body lighter than air and let the air currents or the mind guide you.

             Flight: The ability to fly.

Florakinesis: The ability to control plants.

             Force fields: The manufacturing of fields of energy.

             Friction control: The ability to control one's adhesion to objects.


             Gaze: A way of inflicting pain or terror directly to one's soul.

             Geokinesis: The ability to move rocks without physical contact.

Gliding: Similar to floating but faster.

Gravity control: The ability to alter the force of gravity.

             Guardian energy: A unique form of energy bestowed by the being known as the Guardian. It amplifies an
             individual's natural abilities and can, in many cases, also grants them others. 

Healing: The ability to heal others.
             Healing factor: The ability to heal oneself quickly.

             Heat generation: The ability to produce intense heat.

             Heightened senses: Increased acuity of hearing, sight, smell, taste.

             Hellfire: A mystical energy that can be weilded by nether creatures, primarily those from the hell

             Hellwind: A supernatural wind capable of extinguishing Hellfire.

             Holy touch: Channeling Holy energy through one' s touch causing death or extreme pain to nether

             Hydrokinesis: The ability to manipulate water.

             Hyper being: Said of beings whose powers surpass those found in the natural universe.

             Hyper evolution: Evolved beyond human standard.

             Hypnosis: To induce someone into a state of consciousness in which one loses the ability to act voluntarily
                             and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.

             Ice blast: The ability to release blasts of ice.

             Illusion: The ability to make others see things that are not there.

Immortality: Cannot die.

             Instant heal/repair: Faster than healing/repair factor. Damage is restored instantly.

             Indestructability: Cannot be destroyed physically.

Intangibility: The ability to render one's body or objects immaterial.

             Invisibility: The ability to make oneself or to make others unseen.

             Invulnerability: Impossible to harm or damages through any means.

             Levitation: Similar to floating, this ability enables the user to rise upright but not to fly.

Life drain: The ability to extract the life out of a body, causing the individual to die or transfer his life

             Light projection: The ability to emit light.

             Lightning blast: The ability to release bolts of lightning.

             Magic: The use of forces that can usually be accessed through spells, rituals or incantations.

             Magic immunity: Not affected by magic.

             Magic resistance: Capable of resisting magical attacks.

             Magic sensing: The ability to feel the presence of magical energies.

             Magma manipulation: The ability to control and manipulate the planet's molten rock.

             Martial arts: Although not technically a power, it is the knowledge of various forms of combat.

emory suppression:
 The ability to make someone forget.

             Mental projection: The ability to project one's thought so others may see them as well.

             Metalokinesis: The ability to move and reshape metals with one's mind.

             Migration: A technique which allows one to travel the planet's biosphere.

             Military training: Trained in the uses of modern military weapons.

             Mimic: An ability which allows one to take on the characteristics and manerism of another person.

             Mind blast: The ability to direct physical force with one's mind.

             Mind control: The ability to influence people's actions with one's mind. 

             Miniaturization: The ability to shrink objects.

             Molecular breakdown: The ability to sever the bonds between molecules or atoms.

             Molecular excitation: The ability to speed up the atoms or molecules of an object to the point of

             Molecular manipulation: The ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

             Natural armor: Armor that is part of the individual's normal genetics.

             Natural weapons: Physical weapons that are part of the individual's normal genetics.

             Necromancy: The ability to reanimate and control dead bodies.

             Omnilinguilism: Able to converse in any language.

             Omnipotence: Possessing unlimited power.

             Omniscience: Possessing virtually unlimited knowledge.

             Omnipresence: To exist in multiple places at once.

             Optic blast: Energy attack released through the eyes.