The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

A-L      M-O     P-W

             Persuasion: An ability which enables one to manipulate others to do his will. 

A technique which allows for one to partially solidify his body or an item within another.

Photographic clairvoyance: A unique ability which allows Arkahnus to read people's lives.

             Photographic reflexes: Learning or copying someone's combat skills

             Psychic strength: A mental ability that allows one to influence the intensity of one's power.

             Psychic resistance: The ability to resist psychic attacks.

             Physical resistance: High resistance to physical attacks.

             Physical perfection: Used to describe ordinary heroes who have achieved human physical perfection.

             Poison: Can emit a toxic chemical, usually in gaseous form.

             Portal creation/sealing: The ability to create or seal dimensional doorways.

             Possession: To have the ability to inhabit and control an individual's will and body.

             Power accessory:  When one receives his power primarily through one or various accessories.

Power armor: Receives one's power primarily through an armor.

             Power assessment: The ability to determine someone else's power level or abilities

             Power boost: An ability that temporarily enhances one's power or someone else's.

             Power endowment: The ability to give power and abilities to others.

             Power lift: The ability to lift great weights through means other than muscles.

             Precognition: Having the ability to see future envents.

             Pyrokinetic: The ability to control fire.

             Pyrolysis: A process that produces solids in the form of (char), condensable liquids (tar), or       
             uncondensing/permanent gasses (smoke).


             Quantum energy shifting: The ability to manipulate one's interaction with the Higgs field.


             Radiation immunity: Does not suffer the effects of radiation.

             Reflexive shifting: A unique avoidance ability that moves a person out of harm's way. 

             Regeneration: The ability to reform lost limbs.

             Rejuvenation: An ability that makes one regain his youth, usually by draining it from someone else.

Repair factor: Similar to healing factor, but applies to technology.

             Repel/draw: An ability which allows one to pull or push objects without touching them.

             Replication: A technique which allows one to make copies of himself.

             Resuscitation: The ability to revive others or oneself.


             Seduction: An ability that allows one to seduce and/or enthrall.

Self-sustaining: Not having to eat or drink.

             Sensory control: The ability to affects one's sense of perception. 

             Shape shifting: The ability to change form or take on someone else's features.

             Size changing: The ability to alter one's size.

             Sleep inducing: Causing someone to fall asleep. 

             Sonic generation: The ability to emit high frequency sounds.

             Sonic manipulation: The ability to manipulate sound waves in a variety of ways.

             Sonic scream: The ability to emit high frequency sound vocally.

             Space travel: Capable of travelling or surviving in the vacuum of space.
             Speed: To be able to move and react at an accelerated pace.

             Spiritual energy: Energy from the spiritual realm, harmful to nether forces. Energies also relating to
             the soul.

             Spiritual magic: Can harness energies and forces from the spiritual realm.

             Star hopping:  An ability to breach interstellar distances by slingshotting around a star.

             Star travel: Capable of travelling to other stars.

             Stealth: Capable of moving quietly and undetected.

             Substance secretion: Can produce or excrete a substance from one's body.

             Summoning: A technique that allows one to call on an entity for assistance.

             Super breath: To be able to blow with intense force.

             Super jump: The ability to leap excessively high.

             Super strength: To lift in excess of what is humanly possible.

             Symbiotic: Sharing one's body with another.

             Techno clairvoyance: The ability to infer the function of an object through visual observation.

Technopathy: The ability to control machines or technology with the mind. 

             Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind.

             Telepathy: The ability to communicate with the mind.

             Teleportation: To transport oneself or others over great distances instantly.
             Temporal manipulation: The ability to affect time or its perception of it, either by speeding it up
             or slowing it down.

             Terraforming: Able to alter the environment of entire worlds.

             Time travel: The ability to travel through time.

             Transform: The ability to change into a limited, pre-determined number of forms.

             Transmutation: The ability to turn an object into another.

             Transposition: the ability to exchange physical space with another person or object.

             Truth saying: The ability to see through lies or illusions.

Toxin immunity: Immune to poisons.

             Toxin resistance: Having a higher than normal tolerance to poisons.

             Underwater breathing: The ability to breathe under water.

Venom: The ability to inject poison.

Wall crawling: A technique which allows one to cling to walls.

Weapons master: Proficiency in most types of armed combat.

             Weather control: The ability to control or affect the weather.

Webbing: The production of resistant silk webs.

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