Abilities- Glossary

            The following powers are those currently used by the characters in this database.

            The list will be updated as new characters with new abilities join the database.

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             Magic: The use of forces that can usually be accessed through spells, rituals or incantations.

             Magic immunity: Not affected by magic.

             Magic resistance: Capable of resisting magical attacks.

             Magic sensing: The ability to feel the presence of magical energies.

             Magma manipulation: The ability to control and manipulate the planet's molten rock.

             Martial arts: Although not technically a power, it is the knowledge of various forms of combat.

emory suppression:
 The ability to make someone forget.

             Mental projection: The ability to project one's thought so others may see them as well.

             Metalokinesis: The ability to move and reshape metals with one's mind.

             Migration: A technique which allows one to travel the planet's biosphere.

             Military training: Trained in the uses of modern military weapons.

             Mimic: An ability which allows one to take on the characteristics and mannerism of another person.

             Mind blast: The ability to direct physical force with one's mind.

             Mind control: The ability to influence people's actions with one's mind. 

             Mind transference: The ability to have one's mind inhabit another's body

             Miniaturization: The ability to shrink objects.

             Molecular breakdown: The ability to sever the bonds between molecules or atoms.

             Molecular excitation: To speed up the atoms or molecules of an object to the point of explosion.

             Molecular manipulation: The ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

             Natural armor: Armor that is part of the individual's normal genetics.

             Natural weapons: Physical weapons that are part of the individual's normal genetics.

             Necromancy: The ability to reanimate and control dead bodies.

             Omnilinguilism: Able to converse in any language.

             Omnipotence: Possessing unlimited power.

             Omniscience: Possessing virtually unlimited knowledge.

             Omnipresence: To exist in multiple places at once.

             Optic blast: Energy attack released through the eyes.

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