Character- American Justice
American Justice

Created by:  
Phylicia Lockett/Rodney Lockett

First appearance: 
Other Picture: 

Real Name: Nina Lockett
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown 
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 28

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Dr. Nina Lockett was given her power from a old indian shaman whose life she had saved on the operating table. He made her a potion that he claimed would save her life one day. She didn't think anything of it and drank the drink just to be nice since it seemed so important to him.

At first nothing seemed different, then, a few weeks later, some men approached her and wanted money. She tried to flee after spraying them with mace but that only upset them more. They started beating her down and one started to remove her clothes.

She freaked out and suddenly felt a surge of power. She kicked the man that was trying to rape her and busted the jaw of the one that was trying to hold her down. The third man tried to run but she caught him. After she was done with them, none of the men could walk again without the help of a doctor.

She tried to find the old shaman to thank him, but she could not locate him.

With this newfound power, she started going by the name American Justice. She formed the group American Alliance after her mom was killed by her former boyfriend John Booth aka Knight Panda, a member of the Unjust.

American Alliance fought and defeated Knight Panda’s group, but no justice would be had that day. The Unjust were a secret operative group run by a corporation that did black ops for the government, and as such, were under their protection.

American Alliance eventually disbanded and each member went their separate ways. Alongside Eye of Justice, American Justice joined the Guardians of Creation. There she met Killer Wail and ended up marrying him.


Flight: She can fly and reach speeds as fast as most planes.

Super strength: Her enhanced strength enables her to lift weights in the 10 ton range.

Physical resistance: 
The shaman's potion enhanced her physical resistance to such a degree that she can easily withstand bullets and knives as well as most energy blasts and physical attacks. 

Enhanced vitals: Her vitals like stamina endurance and speed were also augmented.

Martial arts: She has reached third dan in the art of Tae Kwon do.

Weaknesses: Although her resistance is enhanced, very powerful blast can still harm her.