Character- Blur

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: Manchine #3

Other Picture: Blur full body

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 24

Nationality: Extra-dimensional

Ethical alliance: Evil


Blur is one of the Elite Seven. Little data has been collected on him, other than that he is a rich brat from Australia and that Magnus and Night Lord had to trap him in a steel bunker to talk to him.

Blur has managed to escape every security system and to this day none seem to be able to stop him. He is past any defenses before they can activate, as for lasers? To him, they look like slow moving projectiles.

Before he joined Vengeance Inc he was accused of killing a police officer but it was disproved thanks to Night Lord who provided incontrovertible evidence that he was not the killer but the innocent Police Chief was.

Blur takes pleasure in killing heroes that threaten his lifestlype. 


Speed: There is no way to gauge this as he has not been timed at that speed. It has been shown that he has traveled from New York to Los Angeles in less than a minute. 

Bullet time: When he is accessing his hyper speeds, everything moves in slow motion, enabling him to do in seconds what would take us hours.

During these speeds, it is nearly impossible for anyone to decelerate him, though Night Lord has managed to do so, but has never explained how.

Cross-dimensional travel: Blur can travel to various dimensions and remain there by vibrating at the correct frequency.

Weaknesses: When Blur accesses his highest speeds, it takes time for him to decelerate his body.

When not accessing his high speed powers, he is just like every other human and subject to normal injuries.

Wears reinforced gloves that enable him to hit people at high speeds without injuring his hands.

He also carries tiny explosives with a 1/2 second delay which he uses to tag people.