Character- Cause Player
Cause Player

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

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Cause Player


Art by: Gilbert Monsanto

Real Name: Jeremy Biron
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inch
Age: 30

Born in: Canada
Base of operations: Montreal, Canada

Ethical alliance: Evil


Feeling inadequate in a world where heroes and randomites get all the attention, Jeremy Biron decides to fight these beings while cosplaying as them.

As a long time comic book fan, Jeremy always dreamed of becoming a superhero himself. His hopes increased when superheroes started to become a reality. All over the planet, people with special abilities were making the headlines. The first of these had been Gaia Force and its affiliates; Prime Force, Shadow Force and Wild Force. These had been brought about when the Guardian had intervened in Earth's affairs and their mission was to protect the planet.

But after the Guardian left, new types of gifted people started to appear. Caregiver, a member of Gaia Force, confirmed that these new beings did not come about by way of the Guardian. She claimed that the spirit of the planet, Gaia, was responsible for them, though she never explained why Gaia was allowing this to happen. These beings were to be known as randomites and soon, headlines about randomite activity made the front page of every major website and news site.

The media was divided on the issue of randomites and while many feared them, many other championned their cause. For it was true that there were bad randomites out there; those who used their newly gained abilities to their selfish ends. But for every bad randomite out there, there were those who rose up to fight them.

Jeremy's city had its share of randomites. But every time a new one appeared, he raged that it should have been him. He had waited so long for his chance, but even Gaia would not have him.

Jeremy was walking home, feeling angry at the world, when he didn't notice he had stepped into the path of a truck. Just moments before the collision, he was grabbed and thrown clear off by a new costumed hero. The hero, dressed in a speed skater's outfit, told him to be careful and sped off. Jeremy later learned that his name was Slick.

Jeremy was outright furious at having been saved by another new randomite. How many more heroes would be created before he got his turn? He decided that he would not wait for Gaia to select him. He would become his own kind of hero.

He would make it his cause to reveal the faces hidden behind these masks, even if it meant having to play by their rules. Likewise, he, too, would don a costume and pretend to be like them. What better way to have them notice you than to become a Cosplayer or, as he likes to think of himself, a Cause Player.


Power accessory: Cause Player creates props that he feels somewhat mimic the powers of his personas. Stored in the Night Storm belt, he has Molotov bombs that he uses in lieu of plasma bolts.

His Wildclaw glove can inflict significant damage.

He also has a replica of Silverlance's staff. Built with the idea of a Swiss army knife, the staff can be triggered to become bladed on one end and hammer-like on the other.

His Roguestar helmet protects him but can also help him see in infrared and has a zoom feature.

His Arkahnus necklace is a camera with which he hopes to capture the unmasked face of his adversaries.

His Caregiver cloak has pockets filled with first aid.

Paraphernalia: Cause Player uses various props and accessories.

Main antagonist: