Character- Comet

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Comet full body

Real Name: Robert Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7 inches (1.75 m)

Age: 24
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Men


Robert always liked to live in the fast lane and when he turned 18, made it become literal. He started racing cars and soon became one of the most sought out drivers by advertising companies.

His fame was rising quickly but when, a few years later, he announced that he was going to make his long time partner his husband, he was worried that it might take a toll on his career. Fortunately for him, his fans did not turn on him and advertisers continued to support him. He and his husband later adopted a little girl and Robert felt that life could not be any better. Then came the accident.

The astronomers had been keeping an eye on a comet venturing close to Earth's orbit but knew it would not impact the planet, their concern however, was that it was also on a collision course with an asteroid. Since there was no way to avoid the catastrophe, they simply watched and hoped for the best. 

The collision did happen and even if it had little effect on the course of the comet, it did have some repercussions.  Some of the debris created by the collision found its way to Earth. Robert was doing a practice run, when the fragment of comet entered the atmosphere and crashed on his car.

The fragment released an intense radiation and Robert was bathed in its glow.

He was rushed to the hospital but by the time he got there, he was healed of his injuries, except for his heart. It was beating at an accelerated speed and nothing could be done to slow it down.

The fragment of comet had been detected by the scientist and sometimes hero, Cyber Queen, and she headed to the crash zone to clean up the radiation and take the fragment for research purposes. She also impersonated a nurse to get blood and tissue samples from Robert's body.

She eventually learned how the radiation was affecting Robert and she developed a serum to control the acceleration within his body. She told Robert that the serum was not a cure but a control method and that he would need to use it on a regular basis. Without the serum, his body would burn up from the acceleration but taking small amounts would stabilize his speed reflexes. A large dose, however, would increase his acceleration but would also keep him in control of its effects for a time. It was not a perfect system but Robert was glad to be able to resume a somewhat normal life.

The thought of becoming a hero had not been part of his plan. He had simply wanted to return his old life but when an earthquake threatened his city and those he loved, he joined Cyber Queen and Galaxy in the rescue of civilians.

After the event, Cyber Queen invited him to officially join her and help make changes in the city. With him under her watch, she could continue to give him the serum he needed and she could better monitor his condition. Robert eventually accepted and Cyber Queen confected him a suit for his needs.


Speed: Comet can travel at speeds reaching Mach 5.

Enhanced vitals: His Endurance, stamina, reflexes have also been accelerated.

Force fields: When he moves, he generates kinectic energy directly proportional to his speed. This energy protects his body in case of collision.

Healing factor: His cells are in a constant state of regeneration and fortification, enabling him to heal rapidly. 

Energy blasts: The kinetic energy generated by his speed can also be released as a kinetic attack.


Augmented Reality visor: Viewer connected to a super computer provided by Cyber Queen. It calculates distances and speeds required to achieve jumps or other activities to give a more efficient use of his skills.

Mask: The mask filters air at maximum speeds for better ventilation. It also gives him oxygen if he needs it.

High speed suit: His suit is designed to withstand high levels of friction and collision with dust particles. 

Weaknesses: The speed in his body is like a desease. It drains a lot of the host's energy and he needs a special serum to stabilize that energy. Also, as the kinetic energy continues to build up in his system, it must be released regularly. The power must be used at least 3 hours a week or the accumulation of kinetic power will damage his cells.  

He can only use his top speed for a limited time and while he can travel at half that speed for about an hour, he will require a new dose of serum at that point.

His body is slightly enhanced but is still suceptible to weapons.