Character- Crusher

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Crusher full body

A.K.A.: Mr Green, G
Real Name:
Gunner Green

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 9 inches
Age: 29
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil

Sexual preference: Heterosexual


While he was in the military, Gunner became an unwilling participant in a genetic experiment destined to increase strength and endurance in the hopes of creating a super soldier.

The experiment turned out better than expected but as a result, the safety measures that had been installed to contain the subject proved to be insufficient. Gunner's rage, combined with his enhanced strength and endurance, enabled him to easily break free, but before escaping, he made sure to destroy the entire lab and any trace of the experiment.

For some years Gunner was part of a terrorist cell where he created his alter ego, Crusher. He was later recruited by Mr. Smith as of head of security for his company where he met Dead Mistress. The two started dating and, after a while, they began working together.


Super Strength: His augmented strength enables him to lift a maximum weight of 5 tons.

Enhanced vitals: His vitals like endurance, stamina and reflexes have been improved.

Indestructible: His body is virtually indestructible to most physical and elemental damage. Only excessive force can cause him harm.

Military training: He is trained in the use of firearms and hand to hand combat especially with knives.

Weaknesses: Magic can easily damaged him and even if he is immune to elemental damage, magic-based elemental attacks can hurt him.

Certain energies can affect him such as Galaxy's
 cosmic rays. But despite this vulnerability, he can resists these attacks.

Uses a whip made from an unbreakable material designed by his companion, Sting.