Character- Crystalheart

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Crystalheart full body

Real Name: Alice Cristal
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue 
Height: 5 foot 7 inches 
Age: 21
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Alice Cristal was known as the ‘rich girl” in the Lounsbury college but despite having wealthy parents, she was not a spoiled brat. She was rather an artistic student and during her time in college she had an obsession with collecting crystals and gems. Where that obsession came from even she wasn't even sure, but ever since a young age, the sight of gems and crystals pushed her to seek out more.

Some would have called that obsession natural considering her upbringing, but unlike all her wealthy peers who liked to flaunt their new baubles, Alice wore hers only on rare occasions. She preferred gazing at her collection and browsing the net for sales and auction houses.

One day as she was searching online for rare crystals, one of the items up for sale caught more than her eye. As if she had been taken by an illness, her hands started to sweat and her heart to pound. She knew right then that she had to have it.

Labeled as "The Scarlet Crystal", the slim elongated crystal seemed to have a gold seal in the center, though how a natural gem could have acquired such a feature, she couldn't begin to guess. Perhaps the object was a fraud and was only passed off as genuine in order to make the sale. Still, despite her concern about the veracity of the claim, she only knew that she wanted it anyway.

It took a week for the object to arrive but to Alice, it had felt like months. Finally, the crystal that had haunted her dreams was finally in her hand. She examined it and gazed at it and she knew that no other gem or crystal would ever make her feel so fulfilled and as she clasped her hand around it, the crystal bit her, or so she felt. She opened her palm and saw that the crystal had exploded within her hand leaving behind a dusty residue.

Alice started to feel light headed and then the fever and the dream started. She lay down and as she struggled to keep warm, a voice in her head told her that she would be fine. It told her that struggling would make the ordeal more painful, so Alice relaxed. The voice went on to say that it meant her no harm and that it would soon leave her to her new life, but first it wanted to tell her its story.

Alice learned that the crystal had been waiting for a host for many thousands of years. In fact, it was not a crystal at all but the trapped soul of a spirit warrior, killed long ago by a powerful mage. Upon his death, the spirit's energy was trapped inside a crystalline form and could only be released by a descendant of the one who had killed it. But the mage had known this and had hidden the crystal far and deep in the earth and to make sure his descendants would not release it, he had moved to the other side of the world and taken his family with him.

But the spirit could not rest in peace unless it was released, so throughout time, it had sent out a mystical lure in search of that descendant. The years turned to centuries and then to millennia, but the spirit kept on calling and one day, it glimpsed the light once more as when it was excavated by archeologists. It was eventually transported to the other side of the world where its lure could eventually call out for the one to free it.

The lure was powerful enough to be felt even from an image of the crystal and when Alice saw the photograph, she had been compelled to acquire it. 

The crystal went on to say that it bore her no malice and that it just wanted to be set free, and as a token of its gratitude it would give Alice its power. And what a power it was. Alice learned that she now had the ability of telekinesis as well as the ability to create crimson crystals.

Wanting to put her newfound abilities to good use, she eventually teamed up with another super powered heroine, Chelsea Sawyer, also know to others as Hyper Girl.

Over time, Crystalheart developed feelings for Hyper Girl and the two are now really close.


Crystokinesis: Crystalheart can create red crystals and use them in various ways. 

Telekinesis: She also has the ability to lift large objects with the power of her mind. This ability is strong enough to allow her to lift as much as a car.

By using that power in conjunction with her crystokinesis she can fire her red crystals as projectiles. These crystals can penetrate through solid steel like butter and even managed to breach the extremely tough skin of the Asporian, Victorina.

Transform:  Crystalheart can turn her skin into red crystal thus creating an armored form capable of withstanding powerful attacks.

Natural weapons: In her armored form, she possesses 
long sharp blades on her wrists.

Constructs:  In her armored form, she can also create crystal spikes that surround her body or even shields.

Super strength: Her armored form increases her strength considerably and enables her to lift in excess of 70 tons.

Optic blast: Crystalheart can release red energy from her eyes. Once released, this energy forms a crystal around her enemies, trapping them.

Flight: Crystalheart can fly at Mach 5 speeds.

Weaknesses:  Crystalheart's armored form can only be used for 3 minutes. Any longer would strain her and shorten her life span.

She needs to use intense concentration to use her abilities so if she were to be poisoned or drugged her abilities would be greatly impaired.

Crystalheart is also very close to Hyper Girl. Her emotional attachment to her partner
 could be seen as a weakness.