Character- Darkblitz

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Darkblitz full body

Real Name: Darkblitz
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot 1 inches 
Age: undisclosed
Born: Planet Shaodark

Ethical alliance: Evil


Little is known about Shaodark, except that it is a very dark and cold world, and it is the home of the Shadow Wraiths. This race of shadow creatures are gifted with incredible speed and since most alien races have never seen a Shadow Wraith, many believe they are but ghosts.

But not all believe this. A group of mercenaries called the Destructors, discovered the dark planet and its inhabitants. They knew that if they were to convince one to join their cause, it would make them unstoppable. But Shadow Wraiths prefer the company of their own and trying to convince one to join their rank proved quite difficult. Until Darkblitz.

Darkblitz became intrigued by the opportunity to venture to other parts of the galaxy. To venture where no one had heard of Shadow Wraiths and where none knew the attrocities Shadow Wraiths could do. As the most sadistic of his race, Darkblitz welcomed the opportunity t
o unleash this fear on a new unsuspecting populace, so he accepted the offer to join this group of selfserving individuals. 

As a member of the Destructors, Darkblitz did many dirty jobs throughout the galaxy. Assassinations was his specialty. Thievery came next, though rare were the times when mayhem did not follow in his wake.

The few beings who managed to glimpse Darkblitz saw him as a black blur of death and carnage. Those who could not see him, only witnessed the carnage.

Darkblitz revelled in the fear and destruction he brought about and the other members of the Destructors, particularily Victorina, started to wonder if having him along had been a good idea to begin with. She would need to keep a close eye on the dark speedster. 


Speed: Darkblitz can easily move at speed beyond match 30, even reaching light speed in short bursts, to most people Darkblitz appears to be a fast blur of darkness. (He can also built enough speed to knock a power house like Miss Zzap off her feet). He can also react very quickly.

Super strength:
 He can lift approximately 20 tons.

Enhanced vision: With his four eyes, Darkblitz can see from miles away.

Teleportation: Being a creature of darkness, Darkblitz can 
teleport into a dimension of darkness and travel via shadows. 

Shape shifting: Due to his unusual body structure Darkblitz can take any form, despite being limited to a shadow form. (Example Darkblitz can disguise himself as a person’s shadow.)

He can also squeeze into tight places, and having no real internal organs, if he were to get sliced in half, he would simply put himself together. His only major organ is his core which he can move around any part of his body.

Natural weapon:
 Darkblitz can turn his hands into weapons, such as claws, blades and axes, that can cut through steel like butter. He can also use his tongue to strangle his opponents.

Weaknesses:  Darkblitz is vulnerable to extreme sonic sounds and the extreme cold. He is also fairly unintelligent and acts mostly on instinct.