Character- Doctor Spectral
Doctor Spectral

Created by: Rodney Lockett and Joe Linehan

Other Pictures: 

First comic book appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 


Real Name: Joe Linehan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 42

Born in:  Ireland

Ethical alliance: Good


When Joe was ten, he and his family emigrated from Ireland and came to America. They were very poor and had spent all the money they had for the trip, but now that they were in the land of opportunity, they worked hard to give their son a good life. They knew education was the key to success and so, they guided him and encouraged him to pursue an advanced degree. But they did not need to. Joe loved school. He was tested and rated to have a genius IQ. He excelled at every level and graduated from college to university where he got several degrees.

But even with all this knowledge, Joe wasn't sure what to do with his life. He couldn't find a topic to spark his interest until a friend offered him a new book to read. He was working at the Smithonian Institution and had gotten his hands on a book called "The Voynich Manuscript". Many had tried to decipher its language but no one seemed to agree on what it was. Some started to speculate that the book was a mockery probably crafted and written by someone who pretended he had written anything and the symbols purely nonsensical. But Joe enjoyed riddles and loved mysteries, so he took it and started to study it.

It took him almost a year to finally decipher the book, or perhaps it was the book that had deciphered him. In one instant, the gibberish became clear and the words spoke volumes. Joe was hit with illumination but soon realized the power he held in his hands. The book was a book of spells. Of very ancient magic spells. Some innocuous but many quite devastating. It was a power no one else must possess for in the wrong hands, it would be catastrophic.

Joe wanted to hide it or even destroy it, but he dared not. What if he had been chosen? Maybe there was danger on the horizon and he had been selected to have this book and to use it. If so, then use it he would, but it would be to do Good.

He memorized the entire book and hid it in a secure place. He started out with small spells and carefully worked his way up. Only the most dangerous spells did he refrain from trying. But of the ones he tried, he felt like he could do anything.

When the war broke out, he knew he had been right. The danger on the horizon had arrived. It was time for him to do what he was meant to do, so he went to Europe.

Under the name Doctor Spectral, he took on the Nazis and offered his help to the allies. His deeds didn't go unnoticed and after word of his involvement was made known, he was approached by a man calling himself Dr Frost.

Dr Frost worked for the US government and was forming a team of unique individuals to help with the war. He wanted Doctor Spectral to be part of that group, the All-Winner's Society.

Doctor Spectral agreed but with the understanding that he would come and leave as he pleased. He would make sure he was there when needed but would go his own way when he wasn't.

Frost was reluctant but knew the team needed someone with his power and agreed to his proposal.


Magic: Spectral can recite spells from the book of The Voynich Manuscript and make almost anything happen. The spells are various and are as much elemental as mystical.

Teleportation: Doctor Spectral can teleport all over the planet.

Flight: He can fly and achieve speed of multi mach.

Forcefields/barriers: He can raise shields and fields of protection.

Healing/healing factor:
He possesses spells of self-heal and can heal others as well.

Cross-dimensional travel: Doctor Spectral has the ability to travel to other dimensions, most notably the spirit realm.

Weaknesses:  It is unknown what weakness Dr. Spectral has since he is very secretive and information about him is guarded, but since he must recite his spells, having him gagged would surely restrain him. Also, the fact that he is human, he must be careful or he could be injured physically.

Limitations: Some of the most powerful spells take a physical toll on the caster, which, over time, can lead to death. 

Paraphernalia: Aside from the Voynich Manuscript, which he keeps hidden, he has no other item of power.