Character- Dreamsong

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture:  Dreamsong full body

Real Name: Alyssa Violett
Hair: Black with pink highlights
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot  8 inches
Age: 24
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Alyssa was born with a beautiful voice and a talent for singing, but as she got older she began to notice that her voice could do more than just sing. She found out that by altering the frequency of her voice, she could do amazing things. Certain frequencies allowed her to control people and even put them to sleep but other frequencies could cause serious damage. For this reason, Alyssa spent most of her childhood trying to control her voice. Any slip-up could have proven disastrous.

As she became successful in controlling her abilities, she started a career as a Pop singer. She managed to keep her powers hidden but somehow, her secret had gotten out.

One day, after one of her concert, soldiers ambushed her. They had been sent by t
he Crane Corporation, an underground organization specializing in studying and experimenting on enhanced humans. The soldiers had their weapons drawn but before they could take any action, they were attacked by Snowmaiden, a member of the Valkyrie Squad. She and her team had been tracking the activities of the Crane Corporation and she had been sent to rescue and possibly enlist Alyssa as one of their own.

Snowmaiden took down the soldiers with the use of her ice powers while Alyssa unleashed her own sonic abilities. The result was more than impressive as she collapsed the stadium around them. After the battle, Snowmaiden introduced herself and told her of about her team and her mission. She invited Alyssa to join them and help them take down the Crane Corporation.  

Alyssa agreed and took the name Dreamsong.


Sonic scream: Dreamsong can emit a high range of sounds from the infrasonic to the hypersonic. Some of her frequencies can destroy a city block at full power while others can stun a person, make them go deaf or burst blood vessels. 

Sonic manipulation: Dreamsong can manipulate, strengthen, speed up, and slow down sound.

Mimic: She can alter her voice and also mimic other voices.

Hypnosis: Dreamsong’s singing abilities can alter a person’s mind; she can use her ability to hypnotize them or put them to sleep.

Martial arts: She is in her top physical condition for a woman her age and she is well skilled in Taekwondo.


Weaknesses:  Dreamsong is still a normal human physically. If an enemy manages to gag her or find a way to stop her voice, it would render her powers useless.

Paraphernalia: Dreamsong usually wears a neck choker that helps her control her sound based powers. Dreamsong wears an outfit can block small arms fire and is heatproof.