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Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture:  SnowMaiden full body

Real Name: Julia Janus
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot  
Age: 18
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Julia had a pleasant childhood but never knew much about her biological father. Her mother had remarried shortly after her birth and had never spoken of him. But this has all changed when Julia's powers started to manifest. 

Julia's abilities emerged when she was 18. It started slowly, with her hair turning white but when cold mist began to appear on her hands, Julia started to panic. She tried to wipe up the frost but only managed to freeze the towel she had picked up. She couldn't believe what was happening to her and picked up the phone trying to call her mother. Sadly the phone froze and she dropped it in fear. It shattered in pieces.

She huddled in a corner, shaking. She was afraid and started to cry, but even her tears turned to ice. "What is happening to me?", she asked herself. When she heard sounds outside her door, she was relieved. Her mother was returning and she would make things right, or so she thought.

Unfortunately, the men that had broken into her house were strangers yet somehow, they knew about her "gift". They said that they had come to help. Feeling somewhat relieved, Julia agreed to go with them but when one of the men held her down and took out a syringe, Julia reacted and froze the stranger's hand off. 

She managed to escape from the vehicle and ran into an alleyway. She turned around to see if she was being followed and saw three men walking towards her, including the one whose hand she had frozen. To Julia's surprise, the angry man regenerated a new hand. She quickly noticed that the other two also had unusual abilities. One wielded fire and the other had strange green spikes on his wrists.

The three men approached her and Julia was about to defend herself but they never got close enough. The men were taken down by two unexpected visitors. The two women introduced themselves as Hyper Girl and Psionica 
and told Julia that they had come to help her.

Psionica told her that they had been monitoring her for some time and now that her abilities had emerged, they were going to teach her how to control them. They also told her that they knew who she really was and that they had information about Julia's biological father and his link to the Crane Corporation.

Needing to have these questions answered, Julia agreed to join them. She took the codename SnowMaiden and became a member of the Valkyrie Squad.


Cryokinetics: SnowMaiden can freeze objects to sub-zero temperatures and has been known to reeze beings vastly superior to peak humans. 

Constructs:  SnowMaiden can create constructs out of ice such as slides, walls and even weapons. Among her favorites are creating ice daggers or ice spikes that emerge from the ground.

Replication: SnowMaiden can create ice duplicates to trick her enemies. These explode and spray her unsuspecting enemies with ice spikes. 

Physical resistance: She can transform her skin into extremely durable ice increasing her durability and making her bullet proof.

Weather control: 
 She can also generate gusting winds and blizzards that can cover entire towns.

Agility: She is fairly athletic. 


Weaknesses:  Snowmaiden is weak against heat based attacks. Her powers don’t work very well when she is dehydrated and she needs to drink a good amount of water for her powers to work properly.

Due to her young age Snowmaiden is fairly naive and she struggles to control her powers. She is also frightened by her powers as she views them as a curse rather than a gift.