Character- Foul Mouth
Foul Mouth

Created by: Eric Hoffman

Other Picture:

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #4 (Forthcoming) 


Real Name: Fiona Styles
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'7"
Age: 17

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Fiona  and her brother were troubled teens, and as many before them, felt like they had no choice but to join a gang to survive. During their gang initiation with the New York City Rat Hunters they found themselves caught in a fight between the Guardians of Creation and the Society of Evil. The chaos that ensued caused the members of the Rat Hunters to scatter like rats.

They scurried through the sewers of the East River and found themselves in an area known to be a spot for the illegal dumping of chemicals. Tragically, as they ran among the haphazardly placed barrels, one of the barrel was struck and fell over, causing the hazardous chemicals to spill on Fiona and her brother.

The two jumped into a nearby drainage ditch thinking it would help wash off the chemicals, instead, it caused the caustic chemicals to react violently with the polluted water. Jake and Fiona were in agony as the chemicals continued to burn and eat away at their flesh until they succumbed to their injuries and sank beneath the water.

Several hours later Fiona was awakened by her brother. At first, she did not recognize the creature before her, but his words of reassurance confirmed her fear. It really was Jake.

She screamed as she ran to the nearest water source to see her own reflection. True enough, her beauty was now gone. She, too, had been changed by the chemicals. Her hair was gone and her face looked like it had melted.

Fiona started feeling nauseous and vomited on the floor. The content of her stomach landed on the ground with a hiss and started to melt away at the rocks.

Fiona laughed in spite of herself. Did the toxic chemical have a sense of humor, she wondered? She had been beautiful once but her one bad flaw had often gotten her into trouble. She had always been a potty mouth. She was now more foul-mouthed than she had ever been.

She and Jake both agreed that they could never return home. They were freaks now and could never survive among the masses. But they needed to survive.

They needed money to start their new life, so they started robbing and looting places. When she had amassed enough cash, she bought an old super villain costume from the dark web. It had body armor inside so it would help protect her from injury. It would also hide her disfigured form from the world. 

She and her brother took on new names. She would be Foul Mouth and he would be Cesspool.


Substance secretion: Foul mouth can spew a toxic concoction from her mouth. The substance is more corrosive than gastric acid and can eat away most substances.

She can also emit gases that can cause someone to be sick or render them unconscious.

Enhanced vitals: The toxic chemicals have increased her tolerance to pain and enables her to lift weights most people could not. She can almost lift a ton. She also doesn't tire when running because she is immune to the lactic acid her muscles produce.

She is very precise when she targets someone and her spitting range is beyond that of most people.

Toxin immunity: She cannot be harmed by poisons or toxins.

Acid resistance: Her body cannot be harmed by corrosive agents.

Weaknesses: None so far