Character- Gail Force
Gail Force

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 


Real Name: Gail Zelaya
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 26

Born in:  Swan Islands

Ethical alliance: Evil


Gail and her sister, Sue, grew up on the Swan Islands, in the northwest Caribbean Sea. It was a small community and the islands was mainly inhabited by a small  Honduran navy garrison. Their dad was the caretaker for the airstrip on the island.

Gail and Sue were children when Hurricane Mitch hit the Swan Islands in 1998. The storm took a major toll on the island and both of their parents were killed in the devastation. As the storm raged around them, the two girls huddled together, crying. At such a young age, the chances of them surviving were bleak but amidst the fury of the raging winds, a figure was watching. Her name was Keto and she was a goddess. She had been the one who had given rise to the storm. The inhabitants of the islands had wronged her, and she had deemed that they needed to be punished. But as she watched the frightened girls, she decided that they could become part of that punishment.

It had been some time since Keto had created a servant. Her last recruit, the pirate Jolly Roger was wreaking havoc in her name on the other side of the world, but he could not be everywhere at once. If she wanted to spread her influence across the globe, she would need more servants.

She introduced herself to the children and told them not to fear. She told them that from this day, she would take care of them, and she took them to an uncharted island. There, the girls were raised and taught how to serve their new mother. They were also given the means to serve their goddess and after several years Keto sent them loose upon the world. Under the names Gail Storm and Sue Nami, the girls used their powers to cause massive destruction in Keto's name.

In time, they ran across a group calling themselves the Lords of the Wild. Since their leader, Dingo, shared their desire to cause havoc and destruction upon this world, Gail Storm and Sue Nami saw an added opportunity in joining them. They would also ensure that most of the spoils from their carnage would benefit Keto.


Aerokinesis: Gail can summon high velocity winds that rival a category 6 hurricane. She can control these winds as well as their trajectory.

Power lift: Using the force of her winds, she can lift objects in the 2-5 ton range.

Flight: Gail is able to fly at speeds of around 200 mph.

Barrier: Gail can use her winds to help protect her from harm as these can deflect many projectiles.

Weaknesses: If she makes the storm too big it is possible she could lose control of it.