Character- Golden

Created by: Rulo Potamo
Other Picture: Golden full body
First appearance: M9 Girls: Origins

Real Name: Veronica (Vero)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Age: 19
Born in: Mexico

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


At first, Vero aka Golden appears as an aggressive and mean person, but that is just a facade to cover for her loneliness and isolation. Vero has problems relating to people but somehow she has managed to befriend the popular Karla, aka Pink Starlight.

Golden is both protective and possessive of Karla, which makes her make some reckless decisions, especially when Karla neglects her as she gets involved with the M9 Girls.

Golden eventually stole a vial of the M9 Girls serum and used it on herself, but unlike the M9 Girls who had been irradiated prior to taking the serum, Vero had not. The serum would have killed her but the being known as Alpha Prime irradiated her to stabilize her condition. Unfortunately, since no previous tests or controls had been performed on her, there is a lack of data on exactly how she was affected or the nature of her powers.

For a time, Golden was an antagonist to the M9 Girls but her relationship with Pink Starlight slowly help turn the tide. It seems likely that she will be accepted as a member of the team.


Techno clairvoyance: Golden has a natural affinity with technology. She can tear apart and reconstruct any electronic device, and has shown she is a decent computer hacker.

Super strength: Her strength is impressive as she has even picked up buidings. She also managed to break free of White Energy's force fields.

Enhanced vitals: Her metabolism has been improved giving her enhanced strength stamina and reflexes.

Physical/energy resistance: Her body is very resiliant and can sustain high caliber physical and energy attacks.

Super jump: Golden can jump about 5 meters (15 ft) on her own, and can escalate a tall building using a series of jumps on the walls.

Weaknesses: Given the undisclosed nature of her powers, her weakness are also unknown. In general, continuous use of her powers will drain her of cosmic energy. Her stamina is finite. She would become powerless if she had not access to cosmic energies.

Golden wears a black leather suit, similar to motorcycle gear. The suit has leg bags in which she carries gadgets and weapons. She is comfortable using knifes and guns.