Team- M9 Girls
Current Members : 

Blue Destiny  Pink Starlight  Purple Space  White Energy 

Member under consideration:


Team founder: Blue Destiny

Official team leader: Blue Destiny

Membership:  Not open to new members

Created by: Rulo Potamo

First appearance: M9 Girls: Origins


The M9 Girls  are college students who had been working on a science internship program for a reclusive genetics professor. After being exposed to cosmic radiation in a lab accident,  the Professor injected them with a serum that allowed them to survive thier ordeal. It also enabled them to manipulate the cosmic energy within them.

Imbued with special powers, the girls decided to train as a super team mostly for the fun of it. But upon discovering that they had been used as a counter weapon against the super powered nemesis of the Professor, they were forced to choose whether to disband the team or continue as the super heroines they had become.

Membership requirements: The M9 Girls is a close-knitted group of close friends, but they can team-up with other hero groups in multiverse cross-overs.