Character- White Energy
White Energy

Created by: Rulo Potamo
Other Picture: White Energy full body
First appearance: M9 Girls: Origins

Real Name: Claudia (Clau)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown 
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 21
Born in: Mexico

Ethical alliance: Good


Claudia is a college biology major who was invited by a reclusive professor to work on a genetics internship. Along with her friends Anahi, Patricia and Karla the girls were working on an experiment involving cosmic energy, when an unforseen accident occured. The girls were exposed to a high dose of cosmic energy.

To save their life, the Professor injected them with a serum that allowed them to survive thier ordeal. It also enabled them to manipulate the cosmic energy within them. Now imbued with special abilities, the girls decided to use them to do good.

Under the names White Energy, Blue Destiny, Purple Space and Pink Starlight 
the Girls formed M9 Girls. In time, they were joined by Golden

Clau appears as a very cheerful girl, although she is prone to fast mood swings. She embraces new ideas enthusiastically and has a friendly demeanor. However she can be dizzy and lose focus in a matter of seconds.

Clau wears a magical girl outfit reminiscent of a ballerina garment, designed by Karlita, the fashion-savvy member of the team.


Telekinesis: Clau is a telekinetic, being able to levitate herself and other objects in her immediate surroundings. 

Power lift: 
It is unclear what are the limits to her power are but she has used her telekinesis to lift planes and even buildings.

Energy field: Clau can also produce energy fields, which she can use defensively.

Energy blast: She can also direct her energy in the form of as blast.

Enhanced vitals: Her metabolism has been improved giving her enhanced strength and reflexes.

Martial arts: She has basic martial art training.
Her fighting style is based on tai-chi and kempo, using long distance attacks.

 The amount of energy required to sustain her telekinetic powers are proportional to the weight of the affected object. Similarly, she requires more energy to block or attack strong enemies.

In general, continuous use of her powers will drain her of cosmic energy. Her stamina is finite. She would become powerless if she had not access to cosmic energies.