Character- Grey Fox
Grey Fox

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Real Name: John Fox
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 28 

Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


John's grandfather was one of the chief warriors who fought under the leadership of Sitting Bull.

While growing up, John had heard stories about his brave grandfather. He had heard about how he and his people had taken on the white invaders and had won many battles and although some of these stories were known to the white man, the real truth behind them had been kept among its people.

The real reason Sitting Bull and his people had defeated so many was that among them lived the greatest of Shamans. Before each battle, the Shaman would brew them a drink said to give them access to the power of their ancestors, and for a temporary period, those who drank it fought fiercely.

There were many victories but also great costs and many of the native people's lives were lost as a result. The loss of lives was tragic but there were other losses as well. Chief among these, was the loss of their land.

Over the years, the people took these drinks more often to protect what was theirs and their ancestors helped them in their struggle. But then, the battles ceased to be fought on the battlefield. They were fought through treaties and concessions and with these battles, the spirits could not help, they could only watch. But seeing that their people always ended up with the short end of the deal, their ancestors' spirits became angry and bitter.

John grew up living that bitterness. The reservation where he was raised had seemed a safe haven, but as he got older, he knew it was not so. Tensions with the white man were always looming and the local boys often came around and started messing up with the natives. John had tried to ignore them for a time, but as the incidents became more frequent, he had finally seen enough.

He followed the white boys as they left the reservation and went to confront them himself. It was a reckless act, especially that they outnumbered him, and when they pulled out knives, John wished he had called on his friends. He knew then, that he would not survive this fight unscathed.

John managed to take out the first two assailants but he couldn't keep an eye on all of them and one of them stabbed him in his side. John fell to his knees as fists and feet hammered him. The white boys laughed and joked at the prostrate Indian at their feet. It was time to teach these red skins a lesson, the leader said. He took out a shotgun and pointed it at John's head.

But when John raised his head and looked up at his executioner, his laugh suddenly stopped. The hapless Indian was glowing.

John raised his hands and blasted the leader off his feet. Parts of him landed on his friends while the rest painted a nearby field. Before the other white boys could run for help, he blasted them as well.

John could feel a joy within him. He thought he could hear the chant of countless voices. He knew it was the chant of his ancestors. They had awakened through him and had given him their power. They too, it seemed, had had enough of the white man. 

John was ecstatic that his ancestors had deemed him worthy of their power. He swore he would do whatever he could to make the white man pay. But before he did that, he would need to leave his home behind. The authorities would eventually find him and so he ran.

Like his grandfather had done, he fled to Canada and went into hiding, but after news of what had happened started to spread around, it became harder to find a safe place to hide. So he stopped hiding. He went on a robbery spree. The white man had taken everything from his people, it was now payback time. The police tried to stop him but John's ancestors continued lending him their power. No one could stop him.

And one day, a man approached him and told him that if he still wanted revenge on the white man, he should come with him. Seeing that the man was obviously not white, John agreed to go with him to Japan. The man was non other than Mr Okada.

Okada told him that the war Europe was fighting, would soon reach the US and that Japan would be an instrumental player. Okada promised him that if he joined him, when the US falls, North and South Dakota would be given back to his people.

John agreed to join him. Fighting the white man would be recompense enough, and if the US did fall, then he would make sure Okada kept up his end of the deal.

John was given the code name Grey Fox and joined the Society of Evil


Spiritual energy: Grey Fox has been chosen as a vessel for the powers of his ancestors. The source of the energy he unleashes comes from their spirits' anger and bitterness. 

Energy blast:
Grey Fox can channel his ancestors' energies as a concussive force which he can release through his hands.

Flight: He can also use that spiritual energy to fly.

Weaknesses: Other than some body armor in his outfit, Grey Fox is human and can be hurt or killed.

Sometimes, his desire for revenge can lead him to make bad decisions.