Character- Hero Complex Kid
(Agent Danger)
Hero Complex Kid

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures:

First Appearance:
Magilicutty #1 (Short)

Main appearance as Agent Danger:
Cop #2 Volume 1 

A.K.A.: Agent Danger
Real Name: Alex Huntington

Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: 24
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Alex Huntington was a college student who had everything going for him. A band, good grades, and most of all a girlfriend who made him feel real special. Unfortunately, she had other ambitions and remaining in this little heap of a town would not help her achieve them. Since her needs were more important, she dumped him and moved to the city.

This awakened the cocktail of diagnosis that lay deep in his psyche and Alex dropped out of school. After visiting a councilor (court ordered due to destroying his dorm room in dump rage) it was revealed that Alex was bi-polar, suffered from depression, and had a hero complex.

Upon hearing the term "hero complex", he began to have the irrational idea that he was a superhero. And although he was not expecting to ever see any real action, Alex began to immerse himself in that role, mainly
to take his mind off everything else in his life.

Alex crafted make shift weapons from his parents' house and started patrolling the streets of his small town. Then one night,
he encountered a man who turned out was delivering methamphetamines from a client. Seeing the odly-attired youth, the delivery man took him for a drug user and gave him the address of his supplier.

Alex made his way to the house in question and he came face to face with two men moving supplies. Thinking that Alex would not be much of a threat, they took out guns and tried to apprehend him but Alex proved them wrong. He managed to subdue the two men and called the police. When law enforcement arrived, Alex was gone.

The police found that the house had been used as a meth lab. The captured criminals had stated that their agressor had just appeared out of nowhere and had been screaming about having a hero complex. This caused the local newspapers to run with the story that there was of a "real life superhero" in their midst
and they started to call him, the Hero Complex Kid.

Somehow, the story made its way to Excelsior City and it fueled the souls of many superhero wannabes. Countless masked powerless heroes started running about praising the Hero Complex Kid for his iniative in fighting crime. But this new rise in civilian heroes also had repurcussions as villain gangs also decide to rise up. The police had their hands full trying to prevent real crimes from happening but with this new emergence of civilians interference, things were getting out of control.

Alex couldn't believe that his story had made its way to the big city, but he wasn't pleased with what it had accomplished. He decided to go to the city to correct the wrongs he had committed and that's when he found out the truth.

The uprise in themed villains turned out to be a trap that his ex-girlfriend had used to lure him to the city.
Now going by the name Miss Q, she had easily figured out who the Hero Complex Kid was. Her hometown had so few people and the description provided to the police had helped quite a bit. She had leaked the story to the tabloids and every media outlet, and had been instrumental in initiating his rise to fame but also the rise in copycat heroes.

By seducing and sleeping with men of questionable morals, she had them return the favor by committing crimes for her while dressed up in themed costumes. This in turn, fueled up the rise in crimefighters and the stage was now set.

Her plan had been quite simple. In order to gain her own fame, she would be the one to kill this new hero.

Alex eventually confronted her and she almost managed to subdue him, but Alex was rescued by a mysterious man possessing magical abilities. Calling himself The Stag, he told Alex that magic was rising in the world and as the rise of "champions" in the form of heroes and villains increased, so did the magic. Soon, more and more people would be able to do the impossible, as Alex would. The Stag said that Alex had that magic in him, and that he was there to help him learn to use it.

Being the lead detective in Excelsior City , the Stag was able to convince the Mayor to greenlight a program he had devised. He would work with Alex and train him with the help of the Excelsior City Police department to protect the city and raise spirits. It was also a publicity stunt for the city, but it would have positive ramifications as well.

Alex was dubious at first. He had come to stop what he had started, but as he saw his fame rise, he accepted his new role. The Stag recruited him and gave him the code name of Agent Danger (Alex being a danger to himself and others) but to the world, he would remain the Hero Complex Kid.

As more and more costumed individuals flooded the city. Alex found a rival who was attempting to stop him from influencing kids into becoming superheroes and getting themselves hurt. Her name was Irony and true to her name, it became ironic that she started to have a romantic relationship with someone she had come to stop.

Irony eventually joined the Stag and Agent Danger since their goal was still that of protecting the people. They gathered others to their cause. Some with powers or drives to be heroes, and they formed the Committee of Heroes

The powerhouse of the group was undeniably, American Way, and as such, he was chosen to lead the team. But after the events of Magilicutty, American Way went missing, leaving the lesser heroes to protect the city and Agent Danger leading the team due to his seniority.

Feeling sometimes ridiculed for not being as strong as American Way and  being just a kid, Alex often struggles with self worth and the heaviness of the whole world turning to him.


Spiritual magic: The Hero Complex Kid has been taught to access the magic within his
ego. This Ego Magic is a form of magic that he can cast on himself to render himself a little stronger or enable him to take a little more damage. The HC Kid is also very lucky in attacking or evading which may be a side effect of his magic.

Power boost: By unleashing his Ego Magic, the HC Kid can increase his attack power and his resistance to damage, although only slightly.

The HC Kid can also summon Vengeant, an entity of pure vengeance. Vengeant takes over his body and can inflict irreparable harm to his enemies. The HC Kid only summons him in times of dire need or pure rage. To date he has only done this once.

Weaknesses: His magic takes a toll on him and tends to drain him rather quickly. He also has a tendency to talk too much.

He aslo has an addiction to hydrocodone painkillers. He started using them before fights to increase the pain he could endure before he learned how to use magic, but he grew an addiction to them so he still uses them and convinces himself that they are still needed.

Paraphernalia: The HC Kid carries an assortment of home made gadgets in battle. His Tennis bombs are tennis balls filled with match heads that, when thrown, explode on contact. He also carries a bee hive smoker that is filled with volcanic ash. In his backpack he carries
duct tape, a reverse polarity magnet that repels metal weapons, and his signature weapon; a metal plumbing pipe (not to be used while magnet is active).