Character- Jack Knife
Jack Knife

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Jack Knife
Hair: Green
Eyes: Discolored
Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Age: 25
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Jack Knife is no normal person. He is a clone. A clone of Ultimate. When Sara McRenolds made the deal with the head of the Flame branch family to make herself look like Heather Johnson, she had to pay a price. The price was to give birth to a cloned child.

When one of the Flame family minions managed to stab Ultimate, they were able to obtain Ultimate's DNA. Sara, who happened to share Mr Xavier's DNA, fused them into the cloned child. When Sara gave birth to the child, the child started to grow rapidly. Within a few days, he was an adult and had the memories of both Xavier and Ultimate.

With her payment settled, The Flame branch granted Sara her request. Heather was kidnapped and her DNA taken. When Heather came to from her abduction, she stood face to face with her mirror like twin, Sara McRenolds. Heather was also shocked to see Jack Knife resembled Ultimate with the exception of both eyes being discoloured and his hair being green.


Instant heal: Jack Knife obtained all of Xavier's powers of injury immunity. He can also heal faster than Xavier due to the Project Ultimate genes within him. Jack Knife can also withstand falls from great heights thanks to his rapid healing ability.

Super strength. Jack Knife can crush human skulls with one hand and is capable of destroying buildings and vehicles with one punch.

Berserker: He also inherited Ultimate's berserker strength minus the brain control. This allows him to remain coherent when in berserker mode.

Weaknesses:  Being the clone of Mark Jagger, he shares his feelings towards Heather and gets distracted when she is in danger. 
Although he was created for evil, Jack Knife bonded with Heather while he was guarding her and has protected her from the Flame family branch.

Jack Knife did lose a battle to Ultimate as he went in berserker mode, indicating that Ultimate's uncontrolled berserker mode may be superior to Jack Knife's.

Paraphernalia:  Jack knife carries a dagger holstered to each leg but rarely uses them since he has the abilities of both Mr Xavier and Ultimate.